10 Romantic Date Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

Camping in the forest

Beginnings of relationships always leave a glowing picture in our minds and give us a rush of emotions. The romance is burning fiercely and it’s easy to feel strongly for your special one.

With time that fire starts to calm down, and we have to feed it in order to keep it up. While for many people that turns out to be surprising, it’s actually something completely normal.

Keeping up the romance is not rocket science, you just have to put in just a tiny bit of effort, and you will feel the initial emotions rushing in back.

Keep the Spark of Romance with these Original Ideas

Although candles, soft music and a romantic restaurant are probably what comes to people’s minds in association with romantic dates, they are not going to be effective in keeping the spark alive in a relationship.

You have to get creative and come up with ideas that will turn into unforgettable experiences. If you struggle with that, we’re here to help you with these romantic and original date ideas.

1. Go Camping

Setting a literal campfire will bring you a sense of intimacy that will definitely keep the fire of your romantic relationship burn strong. Camping could be an adventurous activity that will most definitely bring you moments of fun that you cannot have otherwise in the city.

2. Ride the Wave

Couple surfingThere is nothing more bonding than sharing pleasant moments together. Take a trip to the sea and do a refreshing swim together.

If you really want to take it a step further and make the experience truly unforgettable, go surfing together. Even if you’ve never tried before, you could find surfing classes to share your first experiences with a board.

Sports activate endorphins, which are one of the four hormones of happiness. In that way even subconsciously you will be associating happiness and positive emotions with your partner.

3. A Short Vacation

If you’ve ever dreamt of visiting a country far away that is famous for breathtaking views, now is the time to do it together with your partner.

Going to a different country will help you relax and forget your daily troubles, which is enough to light the fire of romance again. You will have the time to truly focus on each other and appreciate each other as you did in the very first moments of the relationship.

4. Take Dancing Classes

You don’t have to know how to dance in order to enjoy dancing with your partner. That’s what dancing classes are for.

While becoming better and better at dancing, you will also feel a stronger bond with your partner. Learning the new steps and exercising will be only an excuse to get close to each other.

5. Make your own Cocktails

Doing an activity together is something that can make you feel alive again. Trying out new cocktails in a bar is fun, but even more fun would be to get creative and try to make your own cocktails at home.

You could give them names based on your shared stories, which will keep the good memories alive.

6. Go to a Comedy Show

Laughter is another thing that gets endorphins flowing through our brain. You don’t even need to know the scientific explanation of laughter to know that it’s something that makes you feel good.

Laughing together with somebody creates a strong subconscious bond. Additionally, it makes you relax and de-stress. Going to a comedy show is a way to bond and feel good for one evening, and even if the comedian is not the best, the good thing about stand up is that even when it’s bad it’s still good.

7. Take a Trip to an Amusement Park

That goes without saying, but an amusement park offers the opportunity for many fun moments. While you are there, you can forget everything about your troubles and everyday life, and you can commit to the fun without bothering to be serious.

8. Go Horseback Riding

Couple riding horsesHorseback riding is a way to connect with nature and with your partner, since you will be sharing an extraordinary experience.

In some places you can find horseback riding for couples.

This option includes a preparation period in which you take simpler exercises in the ranch before riding in nature.

9. Have a Movie Marathon

Remind yourself what you used to be like in the past by rewatching old favorite movies together. The films might start discussions and at the end you might even find out new things about your partner.

10. Try Mini Golf

Mini golf is another activity you can do together that is also competitive. Competing against each other will add to the fun of it.

Even though it sets you against one another, that actually results in a stronger bond between you two.


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