Understand the Psychology of colors

How to Use Color to Your Advantage in clothing: understanding the Psychology of colors

Matching different colors in your outfit is probably something you do by heart. Just a few people really understand the psychology of color and apply this knowledge when they prepare their daily outfits.

The colors and the message they send, is a topic included in the brand theory, advertisement, interior designs, and of course – clothing.

Some of you are familiar with the theory that each color has a different meaning and evokes certain emotions. That’s why many brand managers spend a long time choosing the right colors to present the brand. Also, interior designers pay much attention to the right matching of colors to create the best home environment.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the main colors and the messages they send. After we will give you some ideas on how to apply color psychology in your daily outfit and influence the people around you the way you want. Are you excited? Read until the end.

What is the message the main colors send

Colors are a powerful tool that influences our mood and the emotions of the people around us. Colors also help people to perceive if someone is trustworthy or not. Understanding the psychology of clothing might be a great way to use them as an advantage.

Let’s see what the psychologists say about the main colors and the emotions they provoke:

  • Red

It’s easy to point what are the emotions that the red color awakes in us. This is the color of blood, so it is often used to represent danger or violence. It can also be used to represent passion or love. This color is bright, so care should be taken with what other colors it is paired with when dressing.

  • Blue

Psychologists define blue as the color of the truth. It is often used to represent sadness or loneliness. It can also be used to represent calmness or serenity. Wearing blue clothes is a great idea if you go to drama-filled.

  • Yellow

The color of the sun and heat is often used to represent happy or cheerful emotions. Yellow stimulates joy so if you want to awake this feeling in the people around go for a yellow outfit. It can also be used to represent caution or warning.

  • Green

Green is often used to represent nature or growth. This is the color of the freshness and harmony. It can also be used to represent money or wealth. The color has a great quality – to rest the eyes.

  • White

This color is associated with cleanness and perfection. White is the easiest color to match with any other color that’s why having a few white clothes in your wardrobe is always a good idea.

  • Black

This is the most elegant color that is associated with seriousness and luxury. The best about this color is its thinning effect.

Use color to highlight your best features

After you know the effect of wearing each of the main colors you can easily create interesting outfits. Depends on what type of vision you want to create and most important what emotions you what to awake you can match different colors.

Here is a simple tip: use complementary colors to create a bold, eye-catching look, or use analogous colors to create a more subtle, harmonious look.

Another great trick is to highlight the favorite part of your body by using a certain color. This way you can create a contrast between the main color of your outfit and the color used for a detail and to draw attention to the best part of your figure.

Finding your color palette

If you’re like most people, you probably have a favorite color or two. Anyway, you can’t wear the same color every day and it’s a good idea to have prepared some color palette for some special occasions.

When you are picking your color palette you should consider complimenting your skin tone. It’s not bad idea to thing about matching the colors you wear with the color of your eyes and hair.

It’s not hard to find your color palette when you use these two ways. The first is choosing the color palette according to your current mood and the other is choosing them based on the mood you want to be in (especially for days you feel grumpy, sad, or overwhelmed).

Wearing bright, cheerful colors can help lift your mood and make you feel better when it’s not your best day. This way you can use color psychology to your advantage and boost your mood.

We encourage you to experiment with different colors and visions to find what works best for you and your personal style. We change and our style of clothing also does, so it’s okay to find new color and outfits you like.

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