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Various home decor styles & how to find yours

Shabby chic decor whit flowers and cup by GrlTalk.com

The power of home decor is something you should never underestimate. It can make or break a cozy living space that allows you to feel completely yourself.

Your home should be the place where you recharge your energy and gather inspiration, so the decorating style is quite essential.

In this article, you will learn some of the most popular decoration styles to choose the one that speaks to your inner self.

How to find the home decor style that matches your personality

All the different possibilities in home decor might make you mighty confused but don’t worry. There are some simple steps that could help you determine what style it’s best to stick to according to who you are as a person.

Before you start gathering decoration items, look at the ones you already have an see if you notice a pattern. Then, create a moodboard with clippings, or save some Pinterest photos that best reflect what you’re looking for.

Now it’s time to see some popular styles and determine which one best matches your taste.


Contemporary design does not actually follow a strict set of rules. Instead, it’s something fluid that evolves with time.

The style favors trends that are typical for the present time period, which means it could be minimalistic and clear or a combination of ancient and modern decorations. Everything depends on the ongoing trends.

However, there are some features that are usually associated with contemporary design, as opposed to traditional one. They include open layouts, clean lines, and materials such as glass and metal.


Traditional style is amongst the most popular styles in interior design and home decoration. It’s inspired by the tendencies in 18th and 19th century Europe (France and England in particular).

The style favors ornamented furniture, glass and crystal decorations, as well as luxurious fabrics like velvet, linen, silk, and leather. There is a general sense of richness, class, and dimensionality in the decoration.


Boho design is the style of the free spirits who cherish nature and like the sense of freedom at all times.

It is characterized by natural materials like woods, pattern layering, a mixture of different cultures, and earthy tones. There are numerous varieties of this style and you can customize it to match your personality perfectly.

There is a general nomadic feeling to the style, but you can also mix it with some contemporary home decor features if you don’t want to go Bohemian all the way.


The roots of industrial design go back to the end of the Industrial Revolution when numerous factories had to be closed and people started transforming those buildings into living spaces.

The style favors a raw look with uncovered bricks, pipes, and other industrial elements. To balance the rough look, cozy fabrics and a variety of textures and patterns are added to create a combination that’s unexpectedly stylish and cozy.A sofa whit industrial decoration on it


Scandinavian style is now taking over interior design and home decor in the whole world. There are various reasons for that, including its clean lines, the minimalism in furnishing and home decor, and its sustainability.

The decor is simple and functional, as this style values function over form. Still, various layered textures add a touch of coziness, which in the Nordic countries where the design originates from, is known as Hygge.


Cottagecore is an aesthetic for those people who thrive in nature and they prefer the simple lifestyle of the past, instead of our busy contemporary lifestyle, ruled by the digital.

It is characterized by a vintage vibe, decor typical for the countryside, and lots of elements that make you feel extreme coziness.

Cottagecore home decor favors flowers and floral motives, books, wooden elements, rugs, and anything typical for traditional French and English cottages.

Shabby Chic

It’s time to take a step away from minimalistic and raw styles and explore a more romantic and feminine alternative. Shabby Chic was a store opened by the famous designer Rachel Ashwell.

She had the idea of finding old and antique pieces of furniture and decorative items and refurbishing them into elegant home decor pieces with a tone of the past.

Think floral motives and various aerial textiles such as organza, chiffon, and silk. Pastel tones and a variety of pinks are also typical for the style. Antique furniture repainted with chalk paint are something that shabby chic cannot go without.


Rustic is another style inspired by natural materials and an aesthetic of the past. It favors natural earthy nuances, raw materials, and uncovered architectural features.

The style should generally bring associations with a wooden cabin, but you definitely don’t have to go all the way in. Just using some wooden elements and keeping it simple is enough to create the natural feeling you’re looking for.

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