Fashion at Work: How to be Stylish at the Office

Office fashion

Here is some good news for any fashionable girl: you don’t need to own fancy clothes in order to look elegant and stylish at the office. The main trick is to know how to combine the pieces that you have to create an appeal that matches the business dress code and is unique at the same time.

If you work in the office, you probably find it hard to think of a new outfit for every day and keep it interesting at all times, despite your busy schedule of business meetings, deadlines, and projects.

The key to always looking top-notch at work is to know a few rules that will help you to always dress in a way that gives you confidence and comfort.

Simple Steps for Dressing Stylishly for Work

Nowadays you have a lot more options to dress for the office than the old pencil skirt, the tailored blazer, and the short heels. You can mix and match as much as you want as long as the outfit stays appropriate for the office.

It’s all a matter of organizing your wardrobe and getting some pieces of clothing that are both stylish and versatile and will allow you to always have what to wear to work.

You don’t even need to buy expensive clothes – just look for the right pieces and you will always be looking fashionable.

Below are some simple rules that will help you prepare a flawless wardrobe for work.

Know the Dress Code Well

Office dresscode

While some working places can be more conservative concerning the dress code, others allow a lot more liberty in regard to your clothing choices.

If you’re new to the job, ask about the dress code and observe what other colleagues are wearing to get a good idea of what is well-accepted and makes a good impression and what is better to avoid.

Throw in a Statement Piece

Statement pieces are great conversation starters and they are a good way to show who you are while still being aligned with the office dress code.

Get some pieces that make you stand out and you can add to an otherwise simple and reserved outfit to spark curiosity.

You could get a small bag in a bold color or a shirt with a captivating and unconventional print to wear with official trousers with a classic silhouette.

The general rule for statement pieces is to reserve them for the upper part of the body and stay formal at the lower part of the body, but you could always make an exception from the rule by wearing pants in a bold color.

Make sure you are not wearing too many statement pieces because you are still going to work and not on a runway. Keep your best and most quirky pieces for the weekends.

Not too Dull and Not too Colorful

Woman in an office wearing red shirt

You will never make a mistake by choosing neutral colors for an office dress code.

However, you might be the type of person who hates to blend in, so you might be wanting to add a touch of color.

Today the business dress code is a lot more liberal, so you could safely add a colorful piece of clothing or an accessory in a bold statement color.

Just be careful to not overdo it as it could look unprofessional and work against you.

Go Vintage

There is actually nothing wrong with the good old vintage aesthetic. Pieces with a tone of the past are always elegant and timeless, so you can be sure you won’t be making a mistake with a vintage outfit for the office.

Those pieces are tailored in a way that hides everything that shouldn’t be shown at the office and at the same time they emphasize the good parts of a woman’s silhouette like the waist.

Vintage clothes make even the simplest pieces of clothing look stylish and fashionable, which makes them always a good option for an office outfit.

Wearing retro outfits to work saves you a great deal of time and energy from planning and assembling outfits, wondering whether or not they answer the business code but are still interesting enough.

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