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10 Make-up Hacks for Newbies

Makeup for beginners

Are you new to the art of make-up? Have you already watched all the YouTube tutorials from the most famous make-up artists? If you think this is enough, well it’s not. To become better at what you love to do you have to take some practice. There is no success without hard work and this appeal to make-up art as well.

You can always learn something new. Before you start to perform your make-up skill, have a look at these 10 hacks that no one will tell you in the YouTube tutorials.

1. Easy-breezy Hack for Fuller Lashes

We bet you don’t that the secret of fuller lashes is a little translucent powder. After you put the first layer of mascara take your powder and gently dust your lashes. This is a great way to make them look thicker and add volume to them. Then add a second layer of mascara. The result is perfect volume lashes.

2. One More Hack for Lashes Volume

Take your lash curler and give it a blow dry before using it. Then curl your lashes before applying the mascara. This way, your lashes will become more voluminous and curled.

3. How to Apply Concealer

ConcealerThe best way to hide dark eye cycles is to apply concealer in the upside-down triangle below your eyes.

Then use a make-up sponge and blend the concealer in a patting motion.

Finally, set the concealer with a powder to ensure it stays in place throughout the day.

4. Exfoliate Your Lips

Usually, many people skip the lips preparation before they put on lipstick. On the other hand, this is the make-up that needs a lot of attention. If you want to shorten the time for lipstick applications without costing you quality applications here is one simple hack everyone can do.

Use a lip scrub to remove any dry skin from your lips before you put on the lipstick. This is a very useful hack for any girl with dry skin, but remember applying this more than once a week is not recommendable.

5. A hack for Putting Eyeliner With A Pencil

There are many ways to put eyeliner and one of them is using a pencil. Actually, many girls avoid it, because they are not satisfied with the result. The reason is that the pencil is more difficult to glide than other eyeliner make-up products.

Here is a small hack that will make the eye pencil glide: warm up the pencil by using a lighter or hairdryer. The consistency of the pencil will melt and this will make it easier to put. Try it out and see the incredible result of your perfect eyeliner.

6. How A Spoon Helps For Putting the Perfect Eyeliner

This is one of the best eyeliner hacks that will change the way you put your eyeliner. It’s recommended by many cat eye lovers because can save you a lot of nerves while putting on the perfect eyeliner.

Take a spoon and place its handle on the eyelid. Follow the taper of the handle to trace the shape of the eyeliner along it. The second step is to flip the spoon and use a rounded outer edge to finish the eyeliner with a curved winged effect. What is left is to fill up the figure.

7. How to Achieve a Smoky Eyes Effect

Smoky eyeHave you ever wondered what is the secret behind the smoky eyes effect? If you want to become a top make-up artist you better use this trick. Use creamy eyeliner and draw a hashtag symbol on the third of your eyelid.

Then take a make-up sponge and brush it. Apply the same to the other eyelid.

This way the smoky eye effect will be the same on both eyes. The best about this trick is that saves a lot of time.

8. Gripping Face Contours Hack

Face contours are expensive face products. The good news is that there is a cheaper alternative that will give you the same effect. Use a brown gel pencil to contour your face quickly and easily. First, put the foundation and then use the brown pencil and mark the areas you want to contour.

9. Trick for Long-lasting Lipstick

Do you want your lipstick to last all night long? Then you don’t have to buy expensive products, you can achieve the same result only by applying this clever trick. After you put lipstick on set it with translucent powder through a tissue. This way only the right amount of powder will access your lips.

10. Put White Eyeliner Below Your Eyebrow

This is a great detail for shiny stylish make-up. It’s very easy to do it: draw a tiny white line along the lower length of the eyebrows. This will add a finished make-up look. Many girls use this trick for daily make-up visions.

There is only one thing you can do. Call your best friend and try all the hacks you’ve learned from this article.


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