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8 Home decor dos & don’ts shared by designers

Luxury room whit sofa and decoration by GrlTalk.com

Decorating your home always sounds like an exciting idea…until you’re stuck with various items that simply don’t go well together, wondering what you’re doing wrong.

Home décor can be both fun and terrible if you don’t know where to start and how to keep going to achieve the result that is in your imagination.

Fortunately, professional designers have shared some expert tips about effective and stylish decoration that you can follow right away and get gorgeous results.

What to embrace and what to avoid in home décor

While decorating your home should have a lot to do with your own personality, there are still some general rules that are important to keep in mind if you don’t want to end up dissatisfied with the job you’ve done.

No matter how much you want to place all your family photos on your walls, that might not be the best thing to do if you want to feel cozy at home. Below are the 8 biggest Do’s and Dont’s, as revealed to us by experts.

1. Avoid clutter at all costs

We all love to decorate our homes with items we love but there is a risk of overdoing it. Clutter is the biggest enemy of comfort and coziness so you should always aim for balance in home décor.

Filling your home with decoration doesn’t leave enough breathing space and it brings visual chaos to the place. When decorating your home think of a gallery.

Perfection feels like you can’t add or remove anything to make it better because it’s perfect the way it is.

2. Don’t overdo it with themes

Following a particular theme in home décor is a great way to bring cohesion to the place. If you get carried away, however, your home might start to feel too foreign and unwelcoming.

You want to keep it lowkey with themes and focus on bringing personality to your home interior.

3. Don’t focus on only one color

Creating a coherent color palette in which colors complement each other is a key step for visually appealing home décor. That doesn’t mean that everything should be the same color.

Focusing on only one color will bring a sense of dullness to the space and make you feel boxed in.

Instead, choose some accents of color and leave the rest in matching colors or neutrals. Look for some good color schemes used in interior design or take some time to reflect on the colors most prevalent in your wardrobe and accessories.

4. Don’t get carried away with decoration

Displaying memories, souvenirs, photos, and any kinds of decorative items that we love is a great thing. If you overdo it, however, neither of these items will be able to pop up and make an impression.It will all be a big mess of items and your eyes won’t be able to focus on anything.

Instead, create focal points and arrange items of decoration there in a way that attracts attention and showcases those items, instead of making them blend in in a sea of decoration.Vintage room whit luxury sofa, lamp and painting by GrlTalk.com

5. Start with a moodboard

It is always a good choice to start with a plan if you want to achieve perfect results. With home décor, it’s not always possible to make a strict list of what you want to display.

Instead, in the beginning, you should rely more on inspiration and intuition. A moodboard can be something that leads you in arranging decoration to create a certain atmosphere that brings positive emotions.

You can get a large piece of paper or a scrapbook to collect magazine clippings, swatches of color, scribbles, and other pieces of visual brainstorming, or you can collect pictures from the internet in a digital moodboard.

Create a separate moodboard for each room and see how the different styles go together before you start arranging decorative items.

6. Display mementos in a stylish way

There are various ways to display photos and mementos in your home to create a feeling of coziness and keep it stylish at the same time.

Look for some inspiration on the internet and examples of gallery walls, elegant photo framing, and shelf arrangements, and adapt them to your own home.

7. Mix and match textures

Don’t be afraid to play around with different patterns and textures. Getting only items and furniture that are always matching will make the place feel dull and unwelcoming.

Choose home décor like interior textiles (cushions, curtains, etc…) with varying textures and prints that display different patterns, and use them to create a sense of rhythm and bring life to the place.

8. Play with proportions

A big No for home décor is to make everything symmetrical and use only same-size items. That way you’re killing all sense of creativity and life. Instead, choose items of various sizes and proportions, only make sure that they fit together well.

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