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8 Home decor essentials to start with

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Whether you want to redecorate your home to make it feel more welcoming and cozier, or you’re starting from scratch as you just moved in, you’re probably wondering where to begin.

There are so many decorative items you can find all over the internet and the stores, that you could easily become overwhelmed with the variety.

Keep calm, because in this article you will discover the list of the essentials to start with in order to create a marvelous home décor that makes your home feel like a true home.

What are the decor essentials that your home needs

Home décor is something that you can always change and add on, but there are some key features that will instantly bring coziness to the place. Changing even one of these elements could make the place look and feel vastly different.

Below are the 8 essential must-have decorative items for a welcoming home interior.

1. Wall art

Even when your room has nothing else in besides the essential furniture, adding a bit of wall art will instantly make the place feel cozy and embracing. It doesn’t only have to be artworks.

You can find creative ways to display family or travel photos in a tasteful wall gallery. Look for some wall art from local artists or make some yourself to bring personality to the room and instantly feel at home.

2. Mementos

Before moving on to looking for home décor in stores, think about items you own that remind you of good moments. These could be travel souvenirs, small presents from loved ones, or any item that you associate with a special moment in your life.

Shelves are not only meant as book storage. They could have quite a specific purpose in home décor as a place to display mementos, so don’t hesitate and take advantage of that fact.

Now that you’ve hung some wall art and displayed your personal decorative items, the place now has a touch of your own personality and it’s time to continue with decoration to create a cohesive style in your home interior.

3. Cushions

Decorative pillows are an item that brings style and comfort to the room and they are offered in a wide variety of sizes, textures, and patterns.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns such as floral motives and geometric elements. A layering in color is also something that could bring style to your home décor and make you feel much more at home.

There are numerous places where you can place cushions, such as sofas, benches, armchairs, and beds.

4. Elegant coffee table

A coffee table does not necessarily need to have a rectangular surface placed over four legs. Nowadays you can find many unique models in stores or even DIY a creative and unique coffee table from unexpected materials.

Placing such a piece of furniture in your home brings instant coziness and cohesion, and you can choose between a wide variety of options so that the table matches your taste and the overall style of the interior.Essential decor whit tea and decorative vegetables by GrlTalk.com

5. Carpets and rugs

Uncovered floors could look quite elegant in public buildings but they could make your own home feel a bit cold and unwelcoming. That is why one of the first elements of home décor to consider are various carpets and rugs.

Depending on your overall preferred style, you can choose heavily ornamented carpets and layered rugs, or keep it simple with a single color.

6. Books

If you’re looking for effective ways to bring an atmosphere of coziness to your home, books are definitely among the best solutions. There is something in books that simply makes us feel at home.

Look for some creative and unexpected ways to arrange books in your home to incorporate them into your home décor, or keep it traditional by displaying them on bookshelves.

7. Greenery

Bringing nature inside is another good way to bring the place to life. Plants make great decorative elements and they also have numerous health benefits as they not only produce oxygen.

They also get rid of harmful toxins from your domestic atmosphere. There are some gorgeous and easy-care varieties that are perfect for beginners.

Mix and match plants of different sizes and shades of green and soon your home will look like the ones you find on Pinterest. If you are afraid that you will not make a good plant mom, don’t be afraid to try faux plants too.

8. Special lighting

If you really want your home décor to pop out, then look for ways to implement statement lighting in a strategic spot.

In case you favor a classic and timeless look, choose a chandelier to place in the living room or the dining room. If you aim to achieve a more modern look, then play around with some LED strips to glow your place up.

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