How to Take Care of Curly Hair – Expert-approved Tricks

Curly hair

Having curly hair is a blessing, not a curse. It’s true that curly hair needs more care, but it’s also true women with curly hair are charming and sexy.

Taking care of curly hair sometimes is a nightmare. It’s typical for that type of hair to lack moisture and to dry out easily. That’s why if you have curly hair you have to apply special care rituals.

On the other hand, women with curly hair have a lot of options on how to style their curls and have different hairstyles every day. Read until the end and explore expert-approved tricks on how to take care of your curly hair and what are the trendiest hairstyles for your curls.

How to Choose the Right Shampoo And Hair Products

One of the most important things is the products you use for your curls. As you probably know curly hair requires special products that shape the curls. There are a lot of products for curly hair on the market, but we recommend you use the ones that include the following ingredients:

  • Natural and essential oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and argan oil;
  • Aloe vera;
  • Keratin;
  • Panthenol and provitamins;
  • Animal proteins;

These ingredients will nourish the hair and maintain the shape of the curls.

Curly hair gets oily more slowly than straight hair. That’s why we recommend not washing your hair often. Instead, you can use a dry shampoo.

Another expert-approved piece of advice is to wash your hair with cold water. This will your hair grow moisture and strength.

How to Deal with the Lack of Moisture

As we mention, curly hair tends to lose moisture faster than straight hair. This means you have to take special care to keep your hair moist. The best trick to do so is to use conditioner before and after you wash your hair.

Why does this help? Using a hair conditioner before washing the hair with shampoo will keep the natural hair oils in the hair. After you wash your hair apply again conditioner to moisturize the curls.

Why Taking Care of the Scalp Is Important

Scalp careProbably there is a long time between washes of your curly hair. This tends to create dandruff because of the overproduction of oil on your scalp. Fortunately, there is a solution to this situation.

You can take care of your scalp by applying anti-dandruff shampoo on it for 2-10 minutes (follow the instructions listed on the product label). After you wash the anti-dandruff shampoo apply moisturizing shampoo to the rest of your hair. This is a proven way to get rid of dandruff.

How to Choose the Right Styling Product

Choosing the best hair product for your curls depends on their type. There are 3 types of curly hair and 3 subtypes. The curly hair types go with the shape and tightness of the curls.

The other group of curls is the loose curls. The products like hair foam are the best to apply because they avoid weighing down the hair.

Pro tip: Always apply styling products to wet hair. This way you will avoid the frizzing effect. For the tighter type of curls is better to apply heavy products like creams or gels. These products control the shrinkage and volume of the tighter curls.

How to Detangle Your Hair

Curly hair detangleThe tangled hair is what many women suffer from. The truth is that curly hair gets knotted easily and most women don’t put enough time to detangle. However, there is an easy way to detangle your hair just for a few minutes.

You have to apply to detangle hair product but before you do so, you have to wet your hair. Then put conditioner on your hair and run your fingers along the length of the hair. Don’t brush your hair because this can frizz it.

Pro tip: Choose a quality hairbrush with natural bristles. This will prevent the loose of natural oils from the hair.

Take Care of Your Curls Overnight

We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. The best news is that you can take care of your hair while you’re sleeping as well. Many experts advise pulling your curly hair into a loose ponytail or making a loose braid. This will help to reduce the friction against your pillowcase. Speaking about pillowcases, it’s good to mention that silk pillowcases are better for your curls.

Pro tip: Use a headscarf to put your hair in a pineapple. It’s easy to do it: just gather your hair and tie it on the top of your head with the headscarf.

Our best advice is to love your curls and accept them as part of you. Many girls start to straighten their curls when they are teenagers. This ruins the natural shape of your curls and there is no way back.


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