How to Keep Your Motivation And Achieve More in the Gym

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How many times you’ve started going to the gym? How many of these times were successful? And by successful, we mean you keep going to the gym for at least a month. Let’s be honest, it’s easy to start to train but it’s hard to keep going.

This is a common situation for many young women who want to work on their body shape but can’t find the motivation they need. This is the most important part when you establish a new habit – to stay motivated.

We admit, it’s not easy but if you follow a few ideas on how to keep your motivation you can achieve the results you’ve always dreamed about. Here is a list of 7 of the best ideas to give a try and boost your gym motivation.

Visualize the Results You Want to Achieve

Have you heard about the secret of visualizing? This is a great way to get something you desire. The harsh truth is having a perfect body shape is impossible if you sit on the couch at home and visualize it.

Let’s see how you can use the visualization to motivate yourself to the gym. By imagining what your dream body looks like and how you feel in it you will prepare yourself physically and mentally for the exercise session.

Use this technique every time you go to the gym and always imagine how your body is changing. Visualization works only when you put effort the achieve what you desire.

Get Rid of Excuses

The easiest thing is to find excuses any time you are about to go to the gym. They are endless and if you want you can come up with many reasons why today is not the best day for the gym. If you keep going like this you will never find the motivation to achieve your perfect body shape.

Instead of finding excuses try to give yourself a reason why today is the best day to go to the gym. If you have no ideas, here are some:

  • Your goal is to lose weight;
  • You want to be in shape;
  • Sport is equal to health;
  • You love your body and you want to give it the best;
  • Last but not least, you can meet that cute guy again.

Take Time to Recover And Rest

Park runningThe rest is also part of the fitness routine. When the body recovered can achieve more during the training sessions. You can spend a day or two between the training days and give time to your body to rest. You don’t have to feel guilty for this or even worst lose motivation.

Here is an advice on how to avoid this. During the recovery days, you can do level-down activities or just go running in the park.

Work Out with A Professional Trainer

Hiring a professional trainer is what many people prefer when they start to go to the gym. Actually, this is a great tactic for newbies to stay motivated and to learn some basic exercises.

The professional trainer will make a special program according to your needs and your physical condition. Keep in mind, some trainers are harsh. Be ready to give the best you can.

Go to the Gym with A Friend

Fitness girls friendsIf you have a friend or two who also what to lose some kilos is a good idea to go together to the gym. Before you do so meet each other and set goals. Share with each other what results you want to achieve and for what period of time. For example, “I want to lose 5 kilos for 1 month”.

After you share something out loud in front of your friends your brain takes it as a promise. This can help you to stay focused on what you promise in front of your friend and make you more motivated to show them that you can lose these 5 kilos.

On the other hand, everything you do with friends is more pleasurable and the time in the gym will pass fast.

Make Going to The Gym Part of Your Daily Routine

Always leave space in your schedule to go to the gym. Even though you don’t do it every day, keep 30-40 free minutes per day for activities you like.

If your day is busy you can get up early and go to the gym in the morning. This is only for very highly motivated people, so you can prove you’re one of them.

Keep Your Mind Motivated

Your motivation comes from your mind. The best way to keep motivated during a training session is to keep your brain occupied as well. Put on some music or a podcast that will forget about the physical discomfort you feel.

Training your brain to stay motivated will help you to achieve more not only in the gym but also in life in general.


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