How to clean makeup brushes at home

Makeup brushes cleaning

There are many steps behind the perfect look every woman wants to show up with every day. Putting makeup on is a daily beauty ritual for many women and girls. The way we do it is essential for how we look but not only. When we use makeup is also important to know how this will affect our face skin.

Brushes for makeupThere are some women that are more sensitive to makeup. They have to choose carefully the products they put on their faces to avoid skin problems.

There is something else that is very important for the makeup process that many women underestimate. We are speaking about the regular cleaning of the makeup brushes we use.

If you are one of these women is time to find out how to properly wash your makeup brushes and keep your face clean.

It’s easier than you think

Washing your makeup brushes seems like a long and annoying task that’s why you prefer not to do it. You will be surprised to find out that you can wash your brushes only for 10 minutes if you know some hacks.

You don’t need to buy any special cleaning products. There are some tricks that will bring you the same result as cleaning products. What you need is things like soap or shampoo and water of course.

An Easy-breezy way to Clean makeup brushes with water and soap

The following steps will show an easy way how to clean your makeup brushes. This process doesn’t take a long time and it’s not as boring as you imagine.

Are you ready? Keep in mind after you find this trick you won’t have an excuse not to clean your makeup brushes anymore.

  • Put the makeup brush under running water;
  • For better effect start bristling the brush with your fingertips so the water can enter into all the bristles;
  • Take the soap and drip a few drops on your palm;
  • Start moving the brush on your palm and let the soap enter inside the bristles;
  • Keep this way for 1-2 minutes or more if the brush is bigger or very dirty;
  • When you think it’s enough put the brush under warm water again;
  • If you think the brush is not clean enough, repeat the previous steps as many times as is necessary;
  • Squeeze the water off the brush carefully. You can do this by gently squeezing the water with your fingers or running the brush into a clean towel;
  • Leave the brush to dry for a night before you use it.

Clean a makeup brush by using hot water and shampoo

This way to clean your makeup brushes is as effortless as the one from the previous paragraph. Yes, you can also use shampoo to wash your makeup brushes and this doesn’t sound weird.

Before you start prepare what you need: an empty bowl, Hair shampoo, water, and a clean cloth. It’s recommended to use baby shampoo because there are more natural ingredients.

Once you get ready you can start to follow these steps:

  • As you might think the first step is to place the brush under running water;
  • For the best effect rub the brush with your free hand and make sure you remove the makeup that is stuck inside;
  • After take the empty bowl and fill it with warm water;
  • You guess, the next step is to drip shampoo inside the water;
  • Take the brush and tip it in the water;
  • Take a few minutes to do so and after put the brush into running water again;
  • If the brush seems still dirty repeat the steps again;
  • After you are done let the brush dry on a clean cloth.

Why cleaning your makeup brushes is so important

Brushes cleaningThe skincare routine is one of the most things women put money, time, and energy on. Just a few of us realize that cleaning makeup brushes is also part of the skincare routine. Using dirty makeup brushes can cause damage such as breakouts or skin irritation.

One reason that remains hidden from most women is that dirty makeup brushes affect the quality of the makeup products you use. If you take regular care of your makeup brushes you can be sure that you will use them and other makeup products longer.

At the end of this article, you might be wondering what does it mean “regular care”. Well, the answer is up to how often you put makeup on. If you use makeup brushes every day it’s good to wash them once per week. If you don’t put on makeup so often you can wash the makeup brushes once in two weeks for example.

The best you can do is to wash your makeup brushes after every time you use them but to be honest, this is not your favorite task to do.


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