11 Fun Hobbies to Try with your Children

Fun hobbies to try with children

Doing fun activities with your children will not only make them extremely happy but will also develop a lot of skills that would give them an advantage later on in life.

Instead of letting your children mindlessly watch Youtube videos on a tablet, you could do a lot of activities together that will not only be a lot of fun, but will also develop their creativity, independence, and their fine motor skills.

If you’re looking for some ideas or inspiration on the topic, then this article is just for you.

Fun Activities for Spending Quality Time with your Kids

We gathered for you a whole list of activities to do with your children that make us want to go back to being children.

These activities will help your children develop a large range of skills and will bring satisfaction to both of you.

Below are 11 hobby activities for spending quality time with your kids that they will cherish and enjoy.

1. Learn Magic Tricks

Learning magic tricks will bring a lot of fun to your children but it will also develop their logic, critical and analytical thinking, and a lot of other cognitive abilities.

It will help them feel more confident in communication too, developing their communicative skills.

Find some kits with magic tricks or check for online videos and turn your kid into a magician. You can even organize a show for the whole family.

2. Origami

Origami with kids

Origami is an activity that combines creativity and critical thinking. If your kids are younger and less experienced, there are some simple templates, and if they are older and able to handle more complicated tasks, you can challenge them and bring them a lot of fun with some interesting models.

3. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking can be a fun pastime activity even for adults, so why not try it with your children?

Collect some family photos and find a nice scrapbook to arrange them in. Your kids can doodle around the photos or decorate the additional space with some stickers of their choice.

4. Storytelling

Storytelling with kids

Kids have a vivid imagination, so why not channel it into some stories? Develop a story together by giving your children prompts on which to fantasize and come up with a unique story.

You can write it down and even draw some pictures together later on to turn it into a comic.

5. Puppet Theatre

Why not take storytelling further and act your story out? Get some paper and scissors and some decorating materials and create your own puppets and set decors together with your child and put your story on stage.

6. Baking

Baking with a child

Baking could be quite an easy activity in the kitchen with a sweet and tasty result, so your kids will definitely be excited about it.

Find some cookie recipes that include some decoration to let your kids express their creativity.

7. Jewelry Making

Jewelry-making will develop your child’s fine motor skills and creativity too. If your kid turns out to be a natural and has a thing for it, the activity might even play a role in their future career and life, for example directing them toward fashion design or professional jewelry-making.

8. Woodworking

Woodworking with kids

There are various woodworking activities that are easy enough for you and your child to do, and they will teach your kids various skills too. They will teach them to be careful about safety while working, and they will develop their 3D thinking.

Find some ready kits for building a birdhouse for example or use materials you have at home to build together something that will remain.

9. Sculpting

Sculpting is another activity that develops 3D thinking as well as creativity and motor skills.

It also allows kids to bring their imagination to life easily by using their hands to form shapes without any additional tools needed.

It could be a bit messy but with the right protection everything will be fine and your kid will be having a lot of fun with satisfaction at the end.

There is even air-drying polymer clay that doesn’t need baking and, in the end, you have a small figurine that you can keep as a memory.

10. Astronomy

Astronomy with kids

Stargazing puts us all in a state of awe and you can easily share that experience with your kids.

It will provoke them to think and ask big questions, and it will show you whether there is a scientist in them that is waiting to show himself to the world.

11. Simple Workouts

Kids are active and energetic so they will definitely enjoy doing some physical activity together with you. You can try teaching them yoga, which will develop their flexibility from a young age.

Some simple workouts are great too for developing their motor skills, coordination and strength.

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