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Curtains Cleaning

While there are specialized, professional cleaning services which work with all types of curtains, there are methods which you could implement at home as well.

Easy and safe ways of cleaning curtains at home

The main goal of this article, is to showcase what sort of methods are the most affective when cleaning curtains at home – information and tips curtsy of

In order to understand how to clean curtains without risking or damaging them, we must first understand what will affect the curtains in a bad way. The first thing is heat, if the curtains are made from a sensitive, natural fabric like silk or Kashmir, then they will not be easy to clean at home and would require professional help.

Washing machines are fine – was separately

Washing curtains in a washing machine

If your curtains are not as sensitive to heat or moisture, like silk is, then you could put them in the washing machine and clean them that way. However, be sure to put them on a low RPM centrifuge and not to use a drying cycle, because that WILL damage the curtains and reduce their aesthetic and structural appeal.

One main thing about washing curtains, is to put them in separately from other clothing in order to prevent colour bleeding, and to provide more room for the curtains to be cleaned in. The second tip that the professionals provide, is to put the curtains on when they are wet in order to avoid wrinkling.

The gravity and weight of the wet curtains will straighten them during the drying process, and it will also add a nice, fragrant aroma to the room while the textile is still wet. It’s important to not have them dripping wet, that’s why it’s vital to use a low RPM centrifuge program which will draw out most of the excess moisture – air drying will do the rest.

Use a steamer

Cleaning curtains with a steamer

Using a household steamer, like the one you use to clean your over or windows, is a sufficiently good method for home cleaned curtains. It’s important to use a wide attachment in order to cover a larger surface area, however, be mindful of the type of fabric you are cleaning.

The types of fabrics which are sensitive to heat will be damage by the high heat, which can exceed 100 degrees at certain points. The good thing about steam is that it cools relatively quickly once it’s out of the reservoir, meaning you can safely clean cotton curtains without worrying about color bleeding.

You can use a conditioner in the water reservoir as it will not become toxic with high heat and it will aromatize the curtains.

Be aware of the type of fabric

Considering the type of the fabric is important because there are curtain variants which are extremely sensitive to heat and will get damaged if you put them in the wash or use the steamer method. The types of curtains you need to look out for are silk, Kashmir and linen-type curtains as well as satin finished fabrics.

Synthetic variations are very resilient and so are cotton variations, however, if you want to make sure that your curtains are superbly cleaned, then go for a cleaning company in London

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