7 DIY Ways to Repurpose Clothing

Clothing repurpose

Clothes can be quite an expense for our budget, so you might be interested in ways that you can give new purpose to old items of clothing, instead of throwing them away.

The state of the environment also calls for sustainability. Finding ways to give new life to any old item in your home is a small thing that you can do that is going to have a large effect.

If you’re ready to discover some interesting things you can do with old pieces of clothing, keep reading.

How to Give New Life to Old Clothing

Everything you will need in order to transform old clothing is scissors, sewing materials, and some motivation.

Remaking old clothes into something else is a great hobby activity for your free time that will also develop your creativity and in the end you will have a unique item that nobody will know the origin of.

1. Infinity Scarfs from Old Blouses or T-Shirts

Infinity scarf

Every shirt, blouse, or T-shirt can be turned into an infinity scarf. If you have a piece of clothing with an interesting pattern, there are much better things to do with it rather than throw it out when you can’t wear it anymore for some reason.

Making an infinity scarf is easily one of the easiest things on Earth and it will take you just a few minutes. After that, you will be ready to put the scarf on and go out with a new look.

Cut out the parts with the sealing and the sleeves and now you will have something like a square. Cut it open from the side and open it up until it becomes a rectangle.

Now cut the rectangle in half along the long side and now you have two narrow stripes. Sew them together across the shorts sides and boom…infinity scarf.

2. Eco-Friendly Tote Bag from Old T-shirts

Tote Bag from T-shirt

You have that favorite T-shirt with a cool stamp but you’ve outgrown it?

You can still use it and enjoy the stamp by turning it into a washable tote bag you can use for shopping or even going outside when it fits your outfit.

Simply sew the lower opening of the T-shirt, cut the sleeves, and make the opening that was once for the neck larger and deeper so that you can put the back over your shoulder.

3. Decorative Pillow Cover from Jeans

Pillow cover made from jeans

Those jeans you’ve been wearing for a few years are now so worn out that it’s time to throw them away. Well, at least that’s what you think, but don’t throw them away yet.

Use two or more pairs of old jeans and cut them into long narrow pieces. Place the pieces next to each other to form one big striped rectangle.

Now sew them together and you have one side of the pillow cover ready. Do the same for the other side and sew them together, leaving an opening. Full the cover with stuffing material and sew it back on.

Congrats, now you have a unique decorative cushion!

4. Bandana Top from Jeans

Bandana top made from jeans

There is another way to use leftover material from old jeans to form a denim bandana top. Simply cut the legging along the sealing to sort of open it and get a wider area.

Cut the piece in the form of a bandana, forming a peak that will be pointing downwards.

Now you can sew some strips on the sides and tie them behind your back to keep the top on.

5. Blankets from old T-shirts

Blanket made from T-shirts

If you’re one of those people that love T-shirts with band logos, fun pictures, or interesting designs, you probably don’t feel very comfortable about throwing them away when they get old.

The good news is, you don’t need to! Except for tote bags, there are many other ways to give them new life. If you collect enough of them, you can turn them into a creative blanket cover by sewing them together.

6. Shirt Pillow Covers

Pillow cover made from a T-shirt

Your shirts are also something you can repurpose in many ways. One of them is to create unique and amusing pillow covers.

Measure a square from the shirt’s face and leave the button line at its center. Cut out the square to be the face of the pillow cover and then cut the back from the shirt’s back.

Sew the two faces together and fill the pillow with stuffing material. Lastly, seal the opening you used to stuff the pillow and enjoy your creation.

7. Pillow Decorations from Old Clothing

Pillow decoration made from old clothing

Every piece of clothing can be turned into a marvelous decoration for interior textiles such as cushion covers.

All sorts of different shapes can be cut out from the clothes and sewn to the pillow cover to create a sort of textile picture. Pieces of clothes can be used to form 3D decoration too, such as folding them to form flower petals.

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