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Eclectic Home Decor – How to Give it a Cohesive Feel

Eclectic home decor

Pulling off an eclectic interior design can be quite a challenge, but if you manage to do it successfully, you will have a unique home aesthetic with a sense of coziness and harmony.

The main challenge in the whole process is giving a cohesive feel to elements from different styles and eras and arranging them in such a way that they perfectly complement each other.

Even though it may not sound like the easiest thing to do, you can perfectly do it on your own without the help of an interior designer.

Just read that article for some expert advice on how to pull off the eclectic look like a pro.

How to Get an Eclectic Design for your Home the Right Way

There are certain ways to bring together elements that seemingly do not belong together to create a vivid and lively atmosphere with a layered design.

Just saying that your style is eclectic does not mean that you have done it correctly, so read below to find out how to actually achieve it.

Get Used to Variety

Looking at home décor magazines might leave you with the impression that everything needs to be matching to create a sense of harmony. These magazines are created with the purpose to display furniture and accessories for you to purchase, and not teach you how to organize your home interior.

You don’t need to worry over the fact that you have vintage chairs and a contemporary coffee table for example.

Embrace the eclectic look and look on Pinterest for some examples of how to successfully pull it off.

Use Neutrals for the Larger Elements

Neutral color palette for home

To begin creating an eclectic interior that still has a sense of harmony, choose a neutral color palette for the walls, curtains, and the larger furniture. A neutral color scheme will be easily complemented by smaller items and accessories of various colors and styles.

That’s the first step to creating a sense of coherency in your home décor. After choosing some neutrals for the larger things, pick your accent color according to a palette that includes main colors and hues that go together well.

Make a Statement with Antique Pieces

Mixing and matching modern interior pieces with vintage accessories is a path to success in creating an eclectic but elegant home interior.

If you have inherited some unique antique pieces, find the right spot to display them and turn them into an accent piece with a statement.

Be Smart with Patterns

Eclectic home decor patterns

Pattern play is a perfect way to enhance any type of interior but it’s important to make sure you’re not overdoing it. Choose a few patterns for your home décor that go well together and don’t forget to use one type of texture in more than one place.

Varying pattern sizes and colors is a good way to create variety and rhythm and bring life to the room.

Don’t be afraid to try combinations between patterns that don’t seem to go well together in the beginning because it could turn into a successful fit.

Change the Finish of a Surface

If you have any vintage furniture that looks too worn out or simply doesn’t match your overall interior, you don’t need to necessarily get rid of it. Simply changing its finish to make it match the other elements of the home décor will go a long way.

Find some decorative paint that matches the general color palette of the place and don’t be afraid to apply it over old furniture to give them a new marvelous look.

Think Outside the Box

You might have inherited some retro decorative items that you simply can’t find a way to incorporate into your interior. Don’t stock them in the attic yet.

Instead, see if you can find some creative ways to repurpose them and turn them into storage spaces or incorporate them into your home décor in a more unconventional way.

You can turn old suitcases into storage items with decorative value, or use them as a cute bedside table, stacking them on top of one another.

How to Keep it Under Control

Combining elements from different time periods and with different styles can easily go from being creative to turning into a complete mess.

A key point is not overdoing it if you want to avoid making the room feel cluttered and chaotic.

Carefully think over each element you choose to incorporate into your home décor and see if it really fits the general outlook. Even though you are combining eclectic elements, they should still complement each other in a way that creates coherence.

Don’t place too many accent items if you don’t want them to shout over one another and create a visual mess. Have a focus point and let everything else be there in a muted way.

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