Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Pharma Packaging

Pharma packaging

The pharmacy industry is huge and we are all its customers involuntarily. Can you imagine how many tons of waste comes from this industry alone? Fortunately, the topic of sustainability and recycling enter this industry as well.

What can change in relation to environmental protection is the use of eco-friendly packaging. Many pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies have focused on creating sustainable packaging. This includes reorganizing the entire packaging method by rising the eco standards and government requirements.

This gives a start to using natural materials for the creation of the pharma boxes and goes to the supply chain and reduces carbon emission. There are many stages where the pharmacy industry applies sustainable processes.

Challenges in front of the industry


When we speak about the pharmacy industry, we have to keep in mind that it provides very specific products. Most pharmacy and cosmetic products require storage under special conditions. That’s why the purpose of packaging in this industry is very important.

The pharma packaging boxes protects the products to facilitate utilization. Well-packed cosmetics and medicine have a longer shelf life as well. For the suppliers of pharma and nutrition products is important to send a message to their customers that the products are safe to use. The best way to do so is by good packaging that protects the product from external factors such as light, oxygen humidity and temperature.

The challenge comes when the pharmacy packaging industry has to meet all these requirements as well as the sustainable goals of the sector.

User experience is also a challenge in front of package designers. The big competition between healthcare and cosmetics companies requires creative solutions. Pharmacy packaging is not an industry where crazy design ideas are welcomed.

The challenge in front of the pharmaceutical packaging industry is to create safe, sustainable, well-designed boxes which protect medicines, nutrition, and cosmetics from external factors.

Is there a solution? The answer is yes. There are many opportunities for companies to create such packaging. Take the example of This is a company that provides eco-friendly, well-designed pharma and nutrition packaging at affordable prices.

Types of sustainable packaging

Before we list the types of packaging, we want to make clear what is “sustainable packaging”. These are packages that are made from harmless materials. These materials don’t cause harm to the environment and to the people. Sustainable packaging is still considered an alternative to plastic packaging because plastic is still the most used material in this industry.

During the last decade, the need of using eco-friendly materials increased. According to many researchers, we use more plastic than ever before. This is the reason behind the growing carbon footprint.

That’s why using all of the packaging types listed below can have a positive impact on the environment and our life as well.

Flexible packaging

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is made from non-rigid materials. This way of packaging is cost-effective and hygienic that’s why many industries focus on it. Flexible packaging has a lot of benefits such as the consumption of less energy, low negative footprint, reusable and recyclable, and easy to deal with.

Aseptic liquid packaging

This type of packaging is widely used in the pharma and cosmetics industry. It’s made from mono-material which is easy for recycling. Aseptic liquid packaging is a cost-efficient way of packaging that protects the products from external factors.

Biodegradable packaging

This type of packaging is also known as compostable packaging. It’s made of bio-based packaging materials such as plant polymers. These polymers are usually derived from rice, mushrooms or grains. Biodegradable packaging is becoming very popular in industries like FMCG and pharma industries.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable boxes and packages are the favorites of many customers. This is because they have a lower environmental impact. Many people admit that recycling makes them feel meaningful for nature. You can easily recognize if a package is made from recycled materials. The sign of recyclable packaging is a triangle made up of arrows with a number in the middle.

Corrugated packaging

Corrugated Packaging

This type of packaging can be used between 7 and 10 times. Most of the corrugated boxes are made from recycling materials. They are widely used by online merchants because are a comfortable and eco-friendly way to ship goods.

Mushroom packaging

Yes, there is packaging made from mushrooms for real. This is very popular among the eco society because is a sustainable alternative to plastic boxes. Mushroom packaging is made from mycelium — a fungus found in mushrooms. The material is durable and lightweight, which provides safety shipping.


Sustainability in the pharmacy and cosmetic industry is more than a trend. Most of the big companies find meaning in going green in their packaging. This is easier to perform if you have the right partner. is the place where you can find an eco-friendly and well-designed pharmacy and nutrition boxes.

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