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A Guide to Finding your Life Passion

Finding your life passion

When your job is something, you are passionate about, you will not be spending a single day of work. Instead, work will feel like a natural thing and it will bring you so much satisfaction that it’s going to feel more like fun than work.

Many people struggle with finding “their thing”. Some even never manage to.

If you believe your thing is waiting somewhere to be discovered, then this article will guide you through the long and not-so-straightforward path.

Can you Really Find a True Passion

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You have probably heard many people telling you that you need to find your passion in life, or read that in an inspirational Facebook picture. The truth is, not everyone necessarily has one strong passion that burns and moves them forward.

Many people have a job that brings them money and utilizes their skills, but it’s not necessarily a burning passion. Moreover, the fact that you enjoy a hobby activity doesn’t necessarily mean that you should turn it into a profession.

You don’t need to beat yourself over the fact that you haven’t found a passion to lead you in life, but if you feel like you’re one of those people that are supposed to have one, then below are some tips to help you find it in the ocean of possibilities.

Look at What you Love Doing

Your passion could be actually right in front of you. Take some time to self-reflect and think about those things that you do when you have free time and you can choose for yourself what activity to dedicate your time to.

If it’s something you really love, nobody will have to make you do it. You should naturally feel excited about it with your whole being to be able to call it a passion.

If it’s something that you feel a rush just when you think about doing it, then you can safely call it your thing.


If you can’t immediately think of an activity you enjoy doing, try to brainstorm and even write down some ideas of activities that you would like to try or that you’ve done in the past.

It doesn’t have to be an ordered list of activities. It could be random notes and scribbles, doodles, or anything that gets your creative juices and your ideas flowing.

Look around your house and through your belongings to see if you can find a certain pattern. Write down everything that comes to your mind as all ideas could turn out to be useful at a certain point.

What Makes you Forget to Check the Time

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We often check the time when we’re bored or we’re waiting for something to end and move on to something else. On the other hand, if you’re enjoying an activity, you will be so immersed in it that you won’t feel the need to check the time every five minutes.

Nowadays we’re so used to constantly looking at our phones. Finding such an activity that makes you forget to even check your phone is pure gold.

When that happens, take it as a sure sign that the activity is your true passion.

Don’t Quit in the Beginning

Trying different things is a great way to discover your passion, but a downside is that many people decide to quit in the very beginning, once they feel that the thing is too hard for them or it doesn’t bring them the pleasure they expected.

You really need to dedicate a minimal amount of time to each activity to really understand if it’s good for you or not.

Certain things take a lot of time in the beginning before you become good enough to be able to enjoy them like a true passion, so don’t get discouraged and give it time.

Don’t Think – Do!

Passion is best discovered not by thinking, wondering, and researching, but by doing. There is no way to know if something will suit you as a person if you don’t go through it yourself.

Nobody can actually tell you if something is right for you or not – people usually find it hard to find their own passions, and nobody can get inside your head and give you the ready answers.

If you are drawn towards an activity, test it out. Only then you’ll know if it’s a true passion.

Reflect on your Needs

We as humans have a lot more needs than feeding, sleeping, etc. There are needs of a higher order that we need to satisfy in order to feel happy, including the need for security, acceptance, connection, contribution, and growth.

Reflect on yourself and see which of these needs are most important to you as a person. That should help you discover an activity that satisfies them and make you fulfilled.

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