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The Mediterranean Diet: It Really is That Healthy

Mediterranean diet

When the word “diet” is mentioned, usually we associate it with some kind of regime that includes a lot of restrictions and is something like a micro torture. The truth is, losing way and staying healthy doesn’t have to be necessarily related to suffering.

The Mediterranean diet is actually not a diet in the common sense of the word, but something like a way of life.

It is actually named after the eating habits of people from Mediterranean countries, such as Greece, Spain, Italy, and so on.

Because it’s not a diet plan, but a lifestyle, it is easy to follow this healthy way of eating and to maintain a good shape and perfect health.

How Does the Mediterranean Diet Work

The diet does not follow a rigorous plan but includes a list of foods that you are encouraged to eat more often, and there are other foods to eat in moderate amounts or avoid eating whatsoever.

Whole grains are a top priority and should be eaten daily, together with a lot of vegetables, fruits, and legumes. Meat is not forbidden, but the diet favors fish and seafood in front of poultry.

You can consume meat from time to time but try to avoid red meat and choose poultry instead. Eggs and dairy products should also be eaten in moderation. Highly processed food are of course on the restriction list.

Omega-3-rich fish such as tuna, salmon, and sardines are preferred. Some great news is that wine is allowed on this diet, of course in moderate amounts like a glass of wine in the evening.

The diet is generally very easy to keep up with and turn it into a way of life, and it also provides countless health benefits.

Below are just a few of them.

Promotes Weight Loss and Maintenance

Weight loss after mediterranean diet

Maintaining such a healthy lifestyle with a Mediterranean diet actually helps you lose excess fat in a steady and long-term way. After you get rid of the excess weight, maintaining a good shape becomes easy as you are avoiding highly processed foods and saturated fats.

The greatest reason why so many people find it easy to lose weight with this diet is the fact that it is not only budget-friendly, but it doesn’t stop you from eating tasty foods, as long as you follow the general guidelines of what to avoid.

When combined with proper exercise, the diet will allow you to maintain a perfect shape with a lot less efforts and willpower required than it is with other more restrictive types of diets.

Improves Heart Health

Heart Health

The reason why the Mediterranean diet is studied so rigorously is the fact that it is tightly linked to better heart function and a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It is proven to slow down the plaque buildup in the arteries and to regulate blood pressure, which is important for good heart function.

The diet also lowers the level of bad cholesterol which also poses a risk of cardiovascular diseases. That is why the Mediterranean diet is always on the list of diets for heart health.

Regulates Blood Sugar

People who eat Mediterranean-style are at lower risk of developing type 2 Diabetes, as the diet is quite effective in regulating blood sugar.

The diet also helps control the blood sugar levels in people who already suffer from the disease and thus decreases the negative symptoms.

Improves Brain Function

The diet improves the general cognitive function of the brain as well as the nervous system and it lowers the risk of developing Alzheimer’s syndrome, dementia, and other cognitive degenerative diseases over time.

Due to the high consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids and other key nutrients for brain function, the diet helps improve memory attention and concentration, processing speed, and other important brain activities.

Better Mood and Healthier Sleep

The eating style of this diet benefits our mental health immensely. It uplifts our mood in the long run and it lowers the risk of depression and anxiety.

The large amount of raw fruits and vegetables in this diet benefits our mood and brings general satisfaction into our lives.

A 2020 study demonstrated that the Mediterranean diet successfully reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.

It also helps us sleep better, and as you probably know already, good healthy sleep is essential to avoid depression and enjoy a general sense of well-being.

Protects Health During Pregnancy

Mediterranean diet and pregnancy

Studies over time have shown that women who follow the diet have a reduced risk of developing complications during pregnancy.

The risk is reduced by more than 20% and it provides protection for all bodily functions during pregnancy.

Still, keep in mind that the Mediterranean diet is not enough to maintain good health while pregnant, so follow your doctor’s advice for additional supplements and products.

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