8 Weirdest Fashion Designer Creations

Weird fashion creations

Fashion often doesn’t let us take our eyes off – sometimes because of beauty and sometimes because of pure weirdness. At the highest peaks of fashion, things look vastly different than in the everyday lives of us ordinary people.

Designers who have managed to win the spotlight and whose names are sacred in the fashion world have the liberty to make their wildest ideas come to life.

It takes talent and skill to actually turn the most unexpected items into captivating fashion statements.

This blog post is a fashion review of designers’ most peculiar outfits in high fashion that would leave you in astonishment.

The Most Otherworldly Fashion Statements

Even though some of these trends look so weird you can’t imagine how someone even thought about such a thing, they are actually works of art, as fashion design is an art itself.

If you ever have one of those days when you just feel awkward no matter what you dress in, just look at these fashion creations and you will feel much better about yourself.

1. Inflated Latex Trousers

Inflated latex trousers

Ever imagine walking around dressed in big balloons instead of trousers? We neither, but the notorious menswear designer Harikrishnan obviously does.

He graduated from the London College of Fashion with a runway of models dressed in inflatable latex trousers that looked like Aladin’s shalwars, only bloated to extreme sizes.

Harikrishnan’s trousers went viral on Instagram and besides being in a number of memes, they were actually appreciated by a lot of people.

2. Grass-Stained Jeans by Gucci

Grass-stained jeans by Gucci

Denim is something that fashion designers always come back to, but can you imagine paying $1200 for a pair of old-looking jeans that look like you have stained your knees on the grass? Gucci believes that you should definitely do that.

It’s true that you can get a cheap pair of jeans and stain them with grass yourself, but would they be Gucci?

The brand even took it further and later on released oversized overalls with the same effect.

3. Cube Head

Cube Head

Designer Gareth Pugh got inspired by The Wizard of Oz and created a show that started with the model appearing from a large balloon that bursted in front of the audience.

The model was wearing a sparkling black cube on her head, which doesn’t exactly remind us of the Wizard of Oz, but to Gareth Pugh it does.

4. Wear your Bed

Wear your bed dress

Have you ever wished you were able to just go to sleep anywhere and anytime you want? Probably that is what Viktor & Rolf imagined when they created a dress from duvets, which has a pillow that stands right behind your back.

On a Monday morning, we would definitely wear this!

To make it complete, the runway was accompanied by bedtime music

5. Nothing Really Mattress

Mattress suit

Spanish designer SiiGii took it further and created an inflatable mattress that you can wear as an outfit.

It warps around your body and allows you to simply lie on your back in a swimming pool and forget all your troubles.

It has a swimsuit-like decoration on the surface where your body should be, which adds to the perkiness of the whole thing.

6. Covered only by Hair

Hair dress

Every little girl has dreamed of having such a long hair that she can completely cover herself in it.

Now you don’t need to wait for your hair to grow, as you can wear a wig-like dress made from synthetic hair that looks like Barbie has forgotten to put her clothes on and is hiding in her hair.

Maison Martin Margiela has arranged a whole show of models walking around covered in wigs sewn on tops.

7. Platform Crocs

Platform crocs

We were all outraged when crocs became a fashion trend, and now they are back, and they have evolved.

If you thought that crocs matched with a stylish outfit was one of the worst things that could happen to fashion, think again.

Now you can match your outfit with some platform crocs and go about your day as if everything is normal.

8. Just wear the Furniture

Furniture dress

Wearing furniture is not something impossible according to designer Chalayan.

He created pieces of furniture that turn into dresses when the model steps in them and pulls them up, in order to make a statement about the shifting people’s homes.

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