What are The International Destinations Americans Travel to The Most

International destinations for americans

Who doesn’t love exploring new places? The exciting moment, while you are preparing your luggage for your next tip, is priceless. Or the long afternoons spent on the beach of a tropical island are what make you excited. The only thing that matter is your passion for traveling.

According to Statista, there are 99.74 million outbound American tourists in 2019. This is the highest number for the last 10 years. As you know this number decreased in 2020 and 2021 because of The Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s interesting to point out which are the most preferable destinations for Americans. We listed the destinations according to data from Statista. Moreover, in the following paragraphs, we explain what these destinations offer and why they are so popular among Americans.


The neighborhood country is a popular destination because of the easy access for US citizens. The country of Mexico offers world-class beach resorts, rich culture, and a diversity of tasty food.

The city of Cancun located on the Atlantic Ocean coast is the most visited destination. Around 30% of Americans prefer Cancun for their vacation because of the white beaches, turquoise water and quality hotel services.


Visiting Canada is easy for Americans because there are many flights between the big cities in both counties. Even you can cross the border by car. Most of the big cities are located near the American border and this makes Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto the most popular Canadian cities for American tourists.

United Kingdom

Americans are very interested in the old continent. One of the most visited European countries by US citizens is the United Kingdom. The country has a lot to offer – from well-developed cities to stunning nature there are many places to impress you.

London is the most visited city but the United Kingdom has more impressive cities. Edinburg, Glasgow, Manchester, and Liverpool are also interesting destinations that attract many Americans each year.


Rome ItalyItaly is the modern successor to the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Renaissance. When you add delicious food and the Adriatic coastline you see what makes the country a favorite destination for many American tourists.

On the other hand, Italy is a home place of Medieval arts and modern fashion trends. This clash of eras makes Italy such an interesting destination. However, even a month in Italy wouldn’t be enough to visit all the landmarks and cities that deserve special attention.


It’s hard not to be impressed by French culture and to dream to visit this country. Probably this is the reason why France is on this list. The country offers romantic destinations, gastronomic experiences, and a land full of historical landmarks.

Paris, Versailles, the French Riviera, Marseille, and Normandy are just part of the must-visit French destinations. Last, but not least, French wine is one of the most delicious drinks to have in your life.

Dominican Republic

This destination offers more exotic and relaxing than a historical experience. The Dominican Republic attracts with silk-sandy beaches, impressive hotel resorts, and a diversity of exotic services. The most visited city is Punta Cana.

The city borders the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean which is proof of the never-ending summer season. Many Americans prefer to spend some of the cold winter days under the sun of Punta Cana.


The country of paella, Sagrada de Familia, and flamenco – Spain has a lot of offers. Many Americans are curious about Spanish culture and don’t skip the chance to visit this southern European country. In the diversity that Spain offers each tourist can find something to like.

For example, the city of Seville is famous for its traditions. Valencia is the place where you can visit the best Spanish beaches. If you want to experience wild nightlife Malaga is the city for it.


Greece has everything – rich historical heritage, a dramatic coastline, cheerful locals, and tasty cuisine. Isn’t possible for anyone to fall in love? Even though Greece is far from the US, many Americans prefer to spend their vacation there. Top Greek destinations include the capital city of Athens, and the islands of Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos, and Zakynthos.

Something very important that many people share from their Greek vacation is the locals. Most of them don’t speak English but this is not a border to show you their hospitability and warmth.


Aruba beachMany people visit Aruba but just a few know that this is a territory of Netherlands. The island is located in the Caribbean Sea just 15 miles from Venezuela.

Luckily, most of the locals speak English which is a plus for many Americans to choose Aruba for their vacation.

The island offers year-round great weather, endless beaches, and luxurious resorts.

The nature of the island is unique. There are many wild places that are worth visiting like Arikok National Park.


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