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Cutest Decor Ideas for a Super Cosy Living Room

Cozy living room

It’s time to cosy up! What we mean is that we are going to tell you how to really make your place feel like your place exactly.

They say that home could be even a person or a memory, but we believe that any place could be made to feel like a home if you know the right ways to do it.

Especially in the chilly autumn and winter months it becomes necessary to take proper care of the place to make it feel comfortable to us at all times.

Easy and Stylish Ways to Make Your Living Room Feel Extra Cosy

Here we’ve gathered 10 pieces of advice that you could use in your advantage to truly create a marvelous and embracing atmosphere at home. They are not time-consuming at all and they would definitely bring you a lot of pleasure.

Not that a lot of these are shared by interior designers too.

1. What is Your Aesthetic

Now is the time to have fun and explore your tastes. Decide what type of aesthetic you would feel best being surrounded by in your own home.

Choose if you want a more rustic or a more contemporary look and try to match all your design choices to it. If you can’t decide between two or more aesthetics you can mix them, but be careful that elements you choose from different styles go together well.

2. The Right Color Palette

Living room warm colorsThe colors you use in the living room will have an enormous effect on the way you feel when you are spending time there. The best way to make the living room truly cosy is to use the right color palette.

Warm colors tend to make you feel more at ease, but if you prefer more neutral or cold ones, you could still find a way to make it work. Soft pastel nuances will always work wonders.

3. All About the Glow

Lighting has an immense influence on mood and atmosphere – that is why it is so important in cinema for example. Use more than light sources and try to think of it as part of the interior design, rather than just simply something that lets you see when it’s dark outside.

4. Go Wild with Textures

Textures could be fun, beautiful and original, and one of the most effective ways to create a sense of coziness in the room is by layering them. Choose elements textured differently for elements such as rugs, cushions and curtains, but make sure you are not overdoing it.

5. Don’t Leave Walls Empty

Wall decorations living roomNow is the perfect time to collect and curate all these photos, pieces of art, cards, posters and all sorts of memories, and hang them on the walls tastefully.

They will give life to the space and make it more embracing.

If you need to, you can get delightful-looking frames for the photos and even decorate it additionally with some crafts.

6. Be Green

Plants have a way of giving life to a space too. Take a look at some good houseplants for the living room and arrange them. A good tip is to put large plants in corners to bring a sense of coziness.

7. Make Use of Shelves

A home feels like a home when there are books on its shelves. These items reflect our interests, and also makes us feel embraced.

Use the shelves creatively to display other decorative items and memories. You can even look up some creative bookshelf configurations to get the most out of it.

8. Get a Cute Rug

Hard flooring is something that can’t really be avoided, but it could be cover with an elegant looking rug. Carpets provide a great variety in terms of style, colors, textures and even shapes, so it’s more than sure that you will find a match for the interior design style of your living room.

9. Carefully Choose Furniture

Furniture can make it or break it when it comes to coziness, so you should be careful what you choose. Always have in mind that wood is always a great choice when it comes to cozy materials.

Maybe find a big coffee table and don’t forget to add some upholstered furniture with soft covers. Velvet and plush are options that would always work for you.

10. Blankets Mean Warmth

Warmth is something we associate coziness and comfort with. It could be quite literal, but it could also be how the atmosphere in a room makes you feel.

Blankets could provide you with literal warmth, but also when you put them on sofas and other furniture in the living room, they make the space look much more welcoming. It’s as if the sofa is inviting you to snug in the blanket with a book and a cup of hot chocolate.


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