What to wear and what not to wear for a job interview

Clothing for a job interview

We all know that sometimes finding the best job takes time. There are periods in life when because of certain reasons you can’t find the workplace we fit the best.

However, one day when you finally get excited about a job opportunity and receive an invitation for an interview you face the difficult task to get ready for this.

Along with answering all the potential questions, you should also think about the outfit you will wear to the interview. As many people say “By clothes they welcome”, if you want to make a good impression, you have to take your time and carefully pick your outfit.

There are some recommendations when it comes to choosing a job interview clothing. In the next paragraphs, we will try to give you the best directions on how to choose your outfit.

Are you ready to learn what to wear and what not to wear for a job interview? Keep reading until the end.

First, ask the question – what is the industry

Before you start wondering what to wear think about the industry you are applying for. There are some work areas where there is a certain dress code.

If this is your case is better to follow the requirements of the industry in order to fit with the vision of the perfect employer.

If you are applying for a job in the casual industry, wearing a very formal outfit would play against you.

So, our first advice is always to check the company and the dress code required in the industry.

Keep it simple, but professional

We are sure you have a full wardrobe special for the time you start going to the office. Even though you want to shine with your best business attire in the interview this is not a good idea.

It’s better to choose a more simple and ordinary suit that will say “I’m here because of my qualities, not because of my fashion style.”

This will show professionalism and modest self-confidence which are two advantages that will help you to get your dream job.

Don’t show too much skin

Job interview female suit

Avoid wearing outfits with low necklines and or short skirts. This will not play on your side especially if the cloth politic of the company is very formal. Think about a suit with long sleeves that will cover more of your skin.

If you consider wearing a skirt, be sure you choose one with a length below the knees.

Keep your modern shiny low skirts open and neckline clothes for the weekends or why not the Christmas party?

How to choose the colors

The colors also play a huge role when you choose the best outfit for a job interview. Many people would advise you to dress up with conservative colors like white, navy, gray or black. This is not far from the best colors for the office dress code.

Again, the colors depend on the industry you want to work. If the industry is very formal and follow corporative rules in clothing you better also match with them.

Another cool advice you want to give you is to try to match your outfit colors with those of the company.

Any company has certain colors that use for its identity. If you find a good suit that fits them is a nice idea to make a first good impression. This will show to your future boss you recognize yourself as a part of the company.

Be careful with the accessories

Job interview jewelry

Accessories are a good idea when you prepare for a party. Using them as a part of your work outfit is recommended only if you follow some “rules”.

Avoid using big and shiny jewelry. Instead, go for simple earrings that put an accent on your outfit and don’t draw too much attention.

Wearing scarves is not also recommended. These accessories are casual and don’t match the formal dress code. If you wear a bag, be sure it fits the conception of your general vision. This means choosing the right bag according to size, color, and material.

Too-tight clothes – not a good idea

Wearing too-tight clothes might be very comfy, but they are not the best for a job interview. These clothes usually are considered street clothes and aren’t well accepted in the business area. Although, it’s very important to choose an outfit you feel comfortable.  Sometimes the interviews take more than you think and you should feel okay in the clothes you wear.

In conclusion – you have to find a stylish, comfortable, not very trendy outfit in appropriate colors that shows you are a serious candidate who is very interested in the job.

The outfit is not as important as your qualities and experience but plays a very big role in how other people will accept you in the first place.

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