Resistance Bands Workouts for the Whole Body

Resistance bands workouts

If you want to take your workouts to the next level and achieve better results, there is a simple way to do that – just add resistance bands to your training sessions.

Resistance bands will increase your strength when added to low-intensity exercises and they will tone your whole body.

They are great for fit but slim legs, back strength, a well-shaped booty, and they can even strengthen your core, which is one of the hardest but most important body parts to train.

There is a reason why resistance bands went viral thanks to many Youtube and Instagram fitness influencers. They can be adapted to almost any workout, they are easy to use, they’re versatile, and you can easily take them anywhere you go.

How to Use Resistance Bands for a Toned Body

Before getting down to business, you should find out which resistance band weight is best for your fitness level. The lower body needs to be trained with bigger weight as it has some of the largest muscle groups in our body and it takes a lot of pressure daily.

The upper body, especially in females, can use some lighter weight, so it’s good to have a few band-weights available.

Try working out with something heavier and then switch to lighter if it feels too much until you find out which weight perfectly suits you.

There are two types of bands – shorter and wider loops that are good for leg exercises and longer and thinner bands used for upper body exercises.

Below are some great workouts including both band types that are going to give you your dream body.


Clamshell exercise

Clams are great for your inner and outer thighs, so if you want ballerina-like legs, do them more often.

Lie on your side with your elbow and hand on the ground to support you and place the mini band around your hips.

Stay with your knees closed and then slowly lift the upper knee. The aim is to get your thighs perpendicular, but it’s completely normal if you can’t lift it very high in the beginning.

Frog Hip Thrusts

Frog pump exercise

Place the small loop around your hips, lie on your back, and place your feet on the ground, knees pointing upwards. Brace your abs and slowly raise your butt, then open your knees to the sides to feel the strain from the resistance band.

Pause for a second and then bring them back together. Repeat about 20 times.

Banded Kick-Backs

Banded kickbacks

This exercise will tone your hips and butt for a great summer body. Get the long loop and stand in a tabletop position, placing your foot in the middle of the band and holding its two ends with your arms.

Now slowly kick back with your foot until you feel the strain on the band and until your leg is straight. Try to raise it a bit higher than horizontal to get the maximum for a toned booty.

Slowly return your knee and foot to the ground and repeat 15 to 20 times before you switch legs.

Lateral Raise

Lateral raise exercise

Step with one foot in the middle of the long band and hold its two ends in your two hands.

Place the other foot behind you and start raising your hands to the sides with only a slight bend in your elbows until you reach eye level.

Brace your core if you want an effect on your whole body and look forward while doing the exercise. This exercise trains your back and shoulders mainly, but it has an effect on the whole upper body.

Repeat several times slowly for 1 minute total.


Dead bug exercise

This exercise is great for your upper abs and your core, while it also strengthens your shoulders.

Lie on your back, hold the long band in your two hands, and extend them forward to eye level while keeping your arms at the level of your shoulders.

Place your legs in a tabletop position. Now slowly lower your left leg and your right arm to the ground.

As you bring them back up, lower the opposite arm and leg. Repeat several times and you will start feeling a satisfying burn.

Banded Bicycle Crunch

Banded bicycle crunch exercise

This exercise is going to blast your core and tone your legs and butt. You will feel your muscles burning but the satisfaction will be great and the result will be visible in just a few workouts.

Lie on the floor and put the short band around your feet. Place your hands on the floor to the sides and then slightly lift your back from the floor.

Slowly bring your knee to your chest and then extend it again while bringing your other knee to your chest.

Do as many repetitions as you can, but slowly, for 60 seconds and enjoy the results.

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