Fashion on a Budget: How to Thrift like a GrlBoss

Thrifting on a budget

Thrifting is a thing from a long time ago, but with the current focus on environmental presentation, it is now the new norm.

A while ago people wouldn’t admit that their clothes are thrifted, but today even fashion influencers gather a wardrobe in second-hand stores.

There are all sorts of shops available to match different styles, such as vintage shops, consignment stores, and many others.

There is a right way to thrift if you want to stay fashionable and this article is going to tell you all about it.

How to Prepare for Thrift Shopping

To assemble a wardrobe filled with stylish outfits, you need to go to the thrift store prepared. To save time, make a map of the places where there are clusters of second-hand shops and go there first.

Make a list of the most important clothing items you need to purchase and check what is in your wardrobe to have an idea of what would match it. If you have any unnecessary clothes, donate them before going shopping for new ones to free up space.

Also, before going out, make sure you’re not going hungry and not rushing through the whole thing.

Now here is what to do when you’re already at the thrift shop.

Consider the Style of the Store

As soon as you enter the shop try to quickly scan through it and get a good sense of the style. Many shops are miscellaneous, but some of them gather a specific type of clothing that matches a certain style.

If the general feeling doesn’t match your own personal preferences, then you can save some time and move on to another shop.

Gradually make a map of all the stores that match your style and stick to it in order to save more time in the future.

How to Browse for Clothes

Browsing for clothes at a thrift shop

When entering a thrift shop, in the beginning, start searching for the items you most need and are the first on your list. Otherwise, you risk becoming overwhelmed by the variety in front of you.

Quickly scan areas to see if you could find anything there when if you would go through every piece deliberately.

If you directly went on to check each item in every area, you would be wasting a lot of energy and time, so it’s better to scan through areas one by one to see if they would match your needs.

Shop Out of Season

Out-of-Season pieces of clothing are usually a lot cheaper, so you will be saving a great deal of money if you prepare your winter wardrobe during the summer and vice versa.

Plus, when the time comes, you will be already prepared.

Examine Closely

Check for wear and tear on every item you consider buying and examine the tags closely.

If it seems like it’s a luxury material, but the tag says it’s polyester, then the price wouldn’t be worth it.

Final Check

Girl checking a coat

After you’ve sorted everything from the yes-no-maybe piles and you’re sure of what you want to buy, give these items a final check.

Think again if it’s something you would really wear, or if you’re just gotten caught into the frenzy and made an impulsive decision.

Go to Thrift Shops During Traveling

Foreign countries or even cities can surprise you with awesome views and great food, but they can also provide you with unique pieces of clothing for a low price.

That’s a way to get to know local fashion and you will definitely be able to find some pieces that you can’t get at home or in a regular store.

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