How to Develop Your Own Personal Clothing Style

Personal clothing style

To have you own style is a lot more about dressing for yourself and not for others. It is a way to show the world what kind of person you are and communicate your inner self.

No matter if you prefer quirky or elegant, you should always do you.

With all the information we see every day in social media, the new trends and the variety of choices, it might be hard to find what your own style is.

Here is how to always stay unique and true to yourself with a personal clothing style.

Be Unique with These Clothing Style Tips

To have a clear idea of your personal clothing style will make your outfits pop, no matter what the current trend is. It will also make it a lot easier for you to pick clothing items when it’s time for shopping.

You will discover, that you not only look good dressing in your style, but you will feel a certain sense of confidence and satisfaction.

In the rest of this article you can see how can you discover what that style is for you.

Don’t Let Trends Control You

Clothing trendTrends is fashion come and go as fast as seconds go by. When one trend has taken hold of the scene, suddenly everyone starts looking like one and the same person.

Blindly following trends is no way to be unique and stand out.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the tendencies, but never overdo it.

Just remember to stay true to your own self and not buy clothing items simply because you think you will be liked in them.

Clothes Should Make You Look and Feel Good

One of the most important rules of looking good is to dress according to your body type. That will make sure all good parts stand out, and areas that you might feel insecure about stay hidden.

In that way clothing will become a confidence booster. Remember that you should own your clothes, and not the other way around.

If you find out that certain colors just don’t bring up the best in you, or some clothing types just complement your figure better than others, stick to those types that are best fit for you.

Know Yourself

Always stick to yourself. Find out what you like most and what best expresses your personality.

Choose those aesthetic types that show what kind of a person you are. If you prefer to be in nature, then cottagecore could be a good aesthetic for you, while if you are more of an urban girl, a more contemporary style could be a right fit.

Don’t limit yourself to one fixed aesthetic – you can play around and mix a lot of different styles, just make sure you are not going over the top with it.

Experiment to find yourself.

Look For Inspiration

Comfy clothesWe can’t help looking at celebrities and other people, especially with social media. You could use that to your advantage and find inspiration in the way certain people dress.

Find these people that represent the style you want to follow, and use them to navigate when it’s difficult to choose what pieces of clothing to put together.

Make a Pinterest collection that you can come back to every time you need to get inspired.

Pay Attention to the Details

The smallest things often say the most. Here you can truly express your inner self with the right accessories.

Choose jewelry that really speaks to you and about you, and it sure won’t go unnoticed.

The accessories complete your look, so it’s really important which ones you choose. They can even make a look stand out, even if its quite simple and minimalist.

Be Daring

After you’ve mastered the basics of expressing your own style, now it’s time to add some statement pieces. Fashion statements include pieces that stand out and tell something about yourself, like bright colors, extraordinary textures and accessories like large jewelry pieces.

You can see fashion statements in magazines and on the Internet. You don’t need to go as wild as some fashion designers, but it’s good to add a little something to your outfit that would really make it pop.

What About the Color Palette

No matter what your favorite color is, when you choose your clothing, you should go according to what looks good on you. After all, you shouldn’t be like a Power ranger, wearing the same color every day.

However, it is good to have a certain palette, including colors that fit your complexion, that you can follow while combining clothing items.

Don’t forget that each rule has an exception, and you could always experiment with colors you don’t usually wear, and that are not included in your palette.

Now go out there and show yourself to the world!


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