How to Apply Makeup According to your Eye Shape

Applying makeup according to eye shape

Putting on makeup is a type of art. When you master the skills, you have the power to express your personality and enhance the best characteristics your face is gifted with.

We are all different and unique in our own ways so we can’t think about makeup application the same way. There are secrets to correctly applying makeup according to the type of your facial features.

Eye shapes can be vastly different and this variety brings immense beauty to the world.

To emphasize the beauty of our own windows to the soul, we need to use different techniques according to how they are shaped.

What is the Best Make up for Different Eye Shapes

Eyes are different but they fall into certain categories when it comes to how they are shaped. This article will help you determine your own eye shape and will reveal to you some techniques to enhance the positive features and hide the not-so-favorite ones.

There can be almond-shaped eyes, monolid or hooded ones, round, upturned or downturned, and each individual shape requires a different approach with makeup application.

Now let’s explore them all.

Almond Eyes

Almond eye shape

Almond eyes are elongated and their outer corners point slightly upward. They have a visible crease and they are quite a universal shape.

These eyes will go well with almost any makeup type and style. They particularly favor the smokey-eye look, different types of eyeshadow palettes, and eyeliner styles.

Don’t be afraid to use unconventional eyeliner styles like cat eye, fox eye, or a double flick that covers both the upper and the lower lid.

To determine what eyeshadow colors will match your eyes best, you need to determine your skin type and your eye color and hair color and see what eyeshadow tones complement them perfectly.

Round Eyes

Round eyes shape

Round eyes have quite a visible crease but the main way to determine them is by looking at the iris and seeing if the white below it is visible. If there is visible white around the iris that makes the eyes look more open, which is why they are called round.

The best way to complement your cute eye shape is by using eyeliner and a more neutral eyeshadow palette. A good tip is to enhance the waterline with brightly colored eyeliner or eyeshadow.

To accentuate on the doll-eye look, focus on the upper lashes only or use face lashes that are longer in the middle and shorter in the corners.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eye shape

Monolid eyes have little to no crease and a less pronounced browbone with more lid space. They are typical for Asian people and are also known as epicanthic folds.

Using eyeliner is a great way to instantly enhance the look of your eyes, and using an eyeshadow gradient on your lids will add depth and volume. You can use nude nuances if you want to make it more subtle.

Using neutral eyeliner on the lower lash line is also a good tip to additionally enhance monolid eyes.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eye shape

Upturned eyes resemble the almond-shaped ones but their outer corners are pointing upwards in a much more pronounced way. With them, the lower eyelid looks longer than the upper one.

To enhance upturned eye shape, use a dark nuance of eyeshadow at the outer corners of your eyes, focusing on the lower lash line. Using winged eyeliner or a cat eye look also complements this eye shape perfectly.

When using mascara, focus mainly on the outer corners of your lashes to enhance your natural cat eye shape.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes

The defining characteristic of a downturned eye shape is outer corners that are pointing slightly downward. Princess Diane and Anne Hathaway are examples of this eye shape.

To create a lifting effect for downturned eyes, use eyeliner that wings upwards, or a dark eyeshadow tone that you smudge upwards when you get to the outer corner. Putting a light color on the inner half of your eye and a darker one near the outer end is a rule for creating a lifted and more open-eyed effect.

If you want to brighten your look, use more natural and neutral tones from the eyeshadow palette.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eye shape

Hooded eyes don’t have a very visible crease, as the skin starting from the brow bone is extending so that it slightly covers the crease. The problem with using make up is inevitable smudging so the experts advise to use waterproof makeup and primers.

To create a lifted look for your lids, use a neutral color palette for the eye socket, meaning you apply the eyeshadow all the way to the brow bone. That way you will create the illusion of a crease.

Keep your eyeliner tin in order to leave more lid space free. Apply makeup with open eyes to get a real idea of what is going on.

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