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10 Eyeliner Styles and Looks to Try Out

Eyeliner styles and looks

A small line makes all the difference in your look. The spotlight of this article is reserved for our most beloved item from the make-up bag: the eyeliner.

A small but powerful weapon of choice, the eyeliner can be styled in various ways to give us a different sort of appeal depending on the occasion or no our mood.

What are the Different ways to Style your Eyeliner

We will cover 10 of the most popular and iconic eyeliner styles that you can rock and use them when you are out to stun.

Don’t worry if you mess it up the first time because practice makes perfect, so get your eyeliner and get ready to try some of these looks on.

1. Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner

The winged eyeliner is an all-time favorite. It has been ruling the world for ages and it still hasn’t been boring even once.

It lets you play around with thickness and length and goes with any look or eye shape.

2. Cat Eye

A cat eye never fails to stun and draw attention to your eyes. It is applied from the inner corner of the eye all the way to the wing, and it covers the lower lash line too.

The idea is to resemble feline lines by enhancing the waterline, which results in a bold passionate look.

3. Fox Eyeliner

Fox eyeliner

The foxy eye look resembles the cat eye, only without the lower lash line.

Another key difference is that the inner corner of the eye is even more enhanced with a bolder line, and the wing usually extends further to create an elongated look of the eyes.

The look goes well with some smudged eyeshadow to create a smoky look.

4. Arabian

The Arabian eyeliner creates a dramatic, exotic, and fierce look with a mysterious Arabian Nights feeling.

The eyeliner goes on both the upper and the lower lash lines, kind of enclosing the eye, and then it extends with a long and thick wing that gives the eyes an almond-like shape.

The look will make you the star of the show during an evening event or a special occasion, as it is not typical for daytime or for work.

5. Double Flick

Double Flick

The double flick includes two separate lines with two wings on the upper and the lower lash line.

The wings can be both going up, or they can go in separate directions for an “open wing” look.

For a more dramatic look, connect the two lines at the inner corner of the eye.

6. Dramatic

Remember Amy Winehouse’s iconic thick eyeliner? That is the dramatic cat-eye look.

To pull it off, you should be bold and fierce, and not be afraid to play around with the length and the thickness of the eyeliner, going a lot thicker and longer than usual.

7. Bottom Lashed

Bottom Eyelashed

Also called the “upside down” eyeliner, this look includes lining the lower lid only, as the wing can be as long and thick as you feel like.

A great way to enhance the look for a special occasion is to put some color on the upper lid with eyeshadow or colored eyeliner.

Avon’s makeup artist Lauren Andersen actually took the cat eye look and placed it on the lower lash, meaning that the inner corner of the eye is also enhanced for an iconic look.

8. Graphic Eyeliner

The graphic style includes unusual lines, the use of negative space, geometric patterns and motives, dots, and anything that comes to your imagination.

It can be a floating crease that connects to the wing or not, or be two simple dots next to the inner or the outer corner of the eye.

No matter what type of style you choose for a graphic eyeliner, the look will definitely make you stand out.

If you have a daring personality and love exploring new looks and styles, then you should definitely go for that type of eyeliner.

9. Colored/Glitter Eyeliner

Glitter Eyeliner

Why stick to black when you can choose all colors from the rainbow and add some shine with glitter?

If you love to stun you can go with neon blue or acid green, or add a flick of red to draw attention to your eyes and showcase your fierce personality.

You can even make your own homemade colored eyeliner by mixing some concealer with your favorite eyeshadow nuance and then applying it to your eyes.

10. Drawn Lashes Look

The drawn ashes look was made popular in the 1960s by Twiggy and it has a sort of retro feel to it, but nowadays it’s taking the spotlight again with newer variations.

To achieve the look, draw some lower lashes with the eyeliner.

The retro look includes a lot of subtly drawn eyelashes, while the more modern look includes 4-5 longer lashes going out to the outer corner of the eye.

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