DIY Air conditioner fixes – Tips for common damages

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Can you imagine the hot summer days without an air conditioner? The picture is no different if your air conditioner gets broken during the winter months. No matter when your HVAC gives you up, the experience is not pleasant.

The air conditioner is one of the most important home appliances and the one that gets broken very often. Fortunately, many of the common air conditioner damages are easy to fix if you know how.

You don’t have to be an air conditioner specialist. You just need to follow these DIY tips and tricks that will help you to fix the most common damages.

Bring your HVAC back to life and enjoy either hot summer days or cold winter nights in your perfect-temperature home.

Tips on what to do when your air conditioner doesn’t turn on

The first step when your cooling system doesn’t turn on is to find out why. The reasons could be many – a circuit breaker, a faulty thermostat, or lose wiring.

Here is what to do:

  • Turn off the air conditioner;
  • Open the electrical panel;
  • Check the thermostat batteries;
  • If the batteries are over change them and try to turn the air conditioner again;
  • If this is not the cause of the problem go to the next step: check the circuit breaker;
  • If the circuit breaker is off you have to reset it;
  • Flip the switch off and then on;

You see, it’s not that difficult. However, if this doesn’t give a result it means there is a serious problem with the cooling system and you better contact a specialist.

DIY tricks to use when the air conditioner doesn’t blow cold air

We don’t wish even our worst enemy to have this problem during a hot summer day. What you have to know about this problem is if the air conditioner blows warm air instead of cold, this is a sign of a dirty air filter. Another reason for this problem is the lack of refrigerant.

Fortunately, these are very easy-to-fix situations. Follow the steps and do it by yourself:

  • Remove the grille and take off the cover of the air conditioner;
  • The filter is located behind the cover;
  • Pull it out and checked it;
  • If the filter is dirty take a microfiber cloth and clean it;
  • If the filter is broken or very dirty it should be replaced with a new one;
  • When you put it back follow the arrow pattern on the edge of the filter;
  • The arrow should face the wall;
  • Put the cover back on;
  • Turn on the air conditioner and put it on cold mood.

To prevent this situation, you have to replace air filters every month. It’s also a good idea to schedule professional cleaning before the beginning of the summer season.Guy fixing air conditioner

How to fix water leaking from the air conditioner

This is one of the most common air conditioner issues, so it’s not a surprise if you’ve experienced it. According to many HVAC specialists, the cause of this problem is blocked drainage pipes and faulty condensate pumps.

You can start with checking the air fitters by using the steps from the previous paragraph. If the problems are not related to changing the filters continue trying by following the next thing you can do.

You have to inspect the drain line and drain pan of the HVAC for cracks, holes, and leaks. Don’t forget to turn off the unit before you start inspecting.

If there are some holes in the drain pans you can fix them by using epoxy glue. It’s always better to replace the broken drain pans and lines if you can afford it. The last reason for water leaking might be a clogged condensate drainpipe.

You can try to clean the condensate drainpipe by using a long wire brush and chlorine bleach. To stay protected use a mask and gloves.

What to do when loud noises come from the air conditioner

Loud noises are a red flag that shows there is something wrong with your air conditioner. The list of wired noises includes: strange vibrations, squealing, or grinding. All of them are a sign that there is damage to the HVAC system.

Again, before you take any action for fixing the air conditioner you have to find the cause of the noises. Most of the time they are caused by a refrigerant leak, blower problems or motor assembly, or a broken fan motor.

There is a solution for loud noises called a “compressor sound blanket”. Actually, the installation is very easy. Noises are also a sign of amortization of the air conditioner. New models don’t have a soundproofing system which is also a decision for noisy HVAC.

Some of the most common air conditioner damages could increase into bigger problems. Sometimes is better to find professional help to fix them.

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