Tricks to Pull Off the No-Makeup Look

No-makeup makeup

Have you ever seen “no makeup” photos of celebrities and been astonished by how beautiful they look even without making an effort? You probably thought life’s unfair, right?

Well, the truth is…they have put just as much effort into looking good with a “nude” face as they would put into using heavy makeup.

The secret lies in the professional makeup techniques of creating a “no makeup” natural look, but still using makeup to create a glowing appeal.

How to Look Barefaced with Makeup for Natural Beauty

The trick to pulling off the barefaced makeup look is to apply makeup in such a way that looks as if you’re wearing no makeup. As easy as it may sound, you could seriously screw it up if you don’t know the right techniques.

Fortunately, we’re sharing them with you in the text that follows below.

Start with a Mask

Most guides would start with the base, but we recommend starting your makeup routine by moisturizing your face with a mask.

It will give you a natural glowy look and your natural complexion will already be looking stunning before you even start with the makeup.

Create a Base

Applying base for a makeup

For a natural look, using a simple primer will give you the perfect base for completing the look later on.

Choose the right primer for your skin type – for example, if you have large pores, choose a pore-filling one to hide your flaws and look amazing barefaced.

Use Light Coverage

For a natural “No Makeup” look you should avoid thick heavy foundation and stick to light ones or even go simply with a BB cream, a CC cream, or a simple moisturizing skin tint. They will allow some of your natural traits shine through while giving you an extra moisturized complexion.

If you want to use foundation, use a liquid one instead of a mouse.

Conceal Blemishes

Concealing blemishes

Use a lightweight concealer if you have particular insecurities like dark circles, blemishes, or marks you want to hide. To blend it in a natural way, use your fingers and gently spread it.

The warmth of your fingers will melt the concealer, allowing it to blend in easily and naturally.

Creamy Bronzer and Highlighter

The creamy formula has the most natural effect when it comes to bronzer and highlighter application. To get a natural but glowy golden complexion, blend in a creamy bronzer over the foundation and the concealer and then secure it with a spray setter or a light powder.

The best places to apply a bronzer

Highlighter will make your natural beauty pop up. Choose a creamy highlighter instead of the traditional shining one to get a more natural look. Apply it to the tops of your cheekbones to create a sense of dimension.


Adding blush to a makeup

The charm of a gentle natural blush is incomparable.

A little bit of light creamy blush will make your skin look even more natural than natural. Add it to the apples of the cheeks and on the bridge of the nose to get a lovely unpolished look.

Just a Bit of Mascara

Using mascara heavily could disrupt the “no makeup” look you’re trying to achieve. The goal of the look is to make your skin look dazzling, so don’t go too heavy on your eyes and brows.

Curl your lashes and lightly apply brown mascara to define them without being too obvious. If your lashes are naturally defined you can safely skip the mascara too.

Neutral Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow for a no-makeup makeup

You can apply some neutral tones of eyeshadow to define your eyes and create a sense of depth. Use a nuance similar to your skin tone for a base and go with a color that’s about two tones darker than your skin tone to accentuate the V at the outer corners of the eyes.

Use a lighter and shimmery color for the water line to create a more open and refreshed look.

What About the Lips

Lip gloss will give your lips a satisfying shine while still keeping your look as natural as possible. Don’t worry about applying a tinted one, but stick to nude tones and avoid bright unnatural colors.

If you still want to get some color there, the best way to keep it natural is to apply lipstick and then wipe most of it with a tissue, leaving only a slight tone.

Take Care of your Skin

Skincare routine

You’ve heard the saying that the best makeup a woman can wear is her smile, right? You can live by that, but you probably would still want your skin to look nice when you’re not wearing makeup.

Proper skin care will allow you to feel confident and look astonishing without putting any product on. Research the best skincare routine for your skin type and let your natural beauty bloom.

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