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How to Style Vintage & Antique Pieces in your Home Décor

Vintage home decor

There is a lot we can learn from history, especially when it comes to aesthetics. No matter how much have architecture and interior design changed throughout the ages, there is something in the style that is now considered vintage, that will always succeed to compel us.

Decorating with antiques and repurposing retro furniture instantly brings a sense of elegance and dignity to our home atmosphere, but there is a right way to do it without being over the top.

The Right Way to Incorporate Vintage Elements in your Home Décor

Mixing vintage and modern elements in your home décor is the way to bring a vintage feel to it without overdoing it and making your home look more like a museum or like your grandmother’s house.

You need to be precise with the items you choose and how exactly to place them if you want to create a masterpiece with a tone of the past.

Read below what the rules are for styling antiques and vintage pieces to keep things stylish in your home.

Find Pieces you Truly Love

Explore some antique shops or browse the Internet for pieces that truly captivate you. If the piece compels you, that means you will be enjoying looking at it at all times.

You don’t need to go all the way in and decorate your entire home with such elements. Most of the time a statement piece placed in the right spot will perfectly do the job.

The greatest thing about antique shopping is that you can find some truly unique items that nobody else is going to have in their home and that’s a great way to stand out and make a statement with home décor.

Look for those vintage elements that best match your own personal style, as there are many different time periods with different styles to choose from.

The 20/80 Rule

Mixing antique and modern furniture

Making your whole interior vintage could have the opposite effect and make your home feel too retrograde.

Start by choosing some accessories and keep in mind the 20/80 rule. The perfect proportion for vintage-themed home décor is to keep 80% of the interior modern and incorporate 20% of retro-looking pieces.

Apply the rule separately for large furniture and for smaller accessories, and you will have created the ideal layering of styles for a vintage home interior.

Choose a Focal Point

You want the vintage elements in your home to stand out and influence the general outlook of your interior. The best way to make that happen is to create a focal point displaying them.

Find some strategic positions for these elements where they fit perfectly well but at the same time, they stand out and captivate attention.

Display Collections

Vintage pottery collection

Collections of vintage pottery or different interior textiles could actually be a great match to a modern interior to instantly bring a retro feel with a touch of nobility.

If you have inherited such collections from your grandparents, don’t be afraid to display them in a tasteful manner, making them a part of your home interior.

Choose only Quality Items

When shopping for antiques, carefully inspect the item’s quality and its level of wear and tear. Even though you are creating a retro look, you want the vibe to remain without bringing in a sense of shabbiness.

Good conditions of the décor elements and furniture also mean that you will be able to enjoy the items for a long time before you have to repair them or simply throw them out.

Usually, antique pieces are made from material of high quality, so if their condition is good when you look at them in the shop, that probably means they will last a long time.

Select Time Periods that Complement Each Other

While some modern styles of interior design and home decoration might really not go well together and compete with each other, there are others that go hand in hand.

There are a few ways to ensure that elements from different periods go well together.

Choosing items from periods that are close to each other works most of the time, and in all other cases you need to carefully consider the aesthetic appeal when you’re mixing and matching elements from eras that are far apart.

Get Inspiration

If you struggle with picking vintage home décor elements that go well together, you can always look for inspiration in movies or on the Internet.

Explore different examples of vintage interiors and make a list or a collection of photos and clippings to take with you whenever you go shopping for antiques and retro furniture.

There are some movies that exhibit some quite compelling set designs.

Look carefully at what are those elements that most appeal to you and turn yourself into a movie star with vintage home décor.

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