12 Red Flags you Should not Ignore in a First Date

Red flags on a first date

Let’s face it – first dates rarely look like those in the movies. Most times they are at least a bit awkward and leave you with confusing feelings.

Even if things seem calm on the surface, probably both people involved have to handle their anxiety. While first dates are already hard enough, there are some red flags that can make them horrendous.

Which Red Flags in a First Date Mean You Should Run

There are some thing a man can do on a first date that give him off as not being the right candidate.

These red flags are not predicting a nice future for you, so here’s what you should never ignore on a first date.

1. He Doesn’t Listen or Ask Questions

If the only person he cares about is himself, you can’t expect a lot of affection or emotional support from him. As a matter of fact, he is probably going to use you for an audience whenever he needs it and his needs are always going to be a priority for him.

Honestly, you don’t need that.

2. He is Bad Mannered

If you notice he is being rude to the waiter or anybody else and he speaks inappropriately, you better find an excuse and leave. That’s a red flag not only in first dates, but in any situation, since it shows a feeling of superiority and disregard for others.

3. Talking About His Ex Too Much

Boyfriend still talking about his exBringing up his ex is a red flag itself, but if he is talking too much about her and trying to blame her, that should put him in your black list.

You should be careful especially if he is calling her crazy. That means he is probably unable to take responsibility for his own actions.

That’s also what gaslighters who abuse people emotionally do. When people react, they make them feel like they are the crazy one for their reaction.

4. Doesn’t Respect Your Boundaries

If they disrespect you when you are trying to express your needs, that gives you a free ticket to instantly leave. For example, if you want to go home already, because you need to get up early the next day, but he is trying everything to make you stay, that means his needs are more important to him than yours, and he doesn’t respect people’s boundaries.

5. Too Fast

If he’s talking about his plans about a common future on the first date, that’s not a good sign. It makes him seem desperate and completely out of touch with reality.

After all, you’re not his property to have plans for you without even getting to know you and also getting your opinion on the matter.

6. A Drink Too Many

One or two drinks can make the first date more fun, but if he’s either too concentrated on drinking, or is trying to get you too drunk, that means you can leave him on the spot.

First date staying on the phone too much7. Constantly Checking His Phone

It’s okay to pick up your phone if you are expecting a call that is really important, but not paying attention to your date, because you’re constantly checking your messages, means she can leave you alone with your phone for good.

8. He Acts Too Good to be True

A person who doesn’t have anything to hide wouldn’t need to try his best to present himself as the perfect partner right from the beginning. You know some things cannot be real and every person has his flaws, so if he’s acting too perfect there’s something shady.

9. Constantly Complains

Taking a victim position makes a man repulsive for any woman, since it robs him from his masculinity. Furthermore, it means he is probably unable to take responsibility for his actions and tends to blame everything on others.

10. Talks About his Salary

Salary is not a topic that should be discussed on a first date. Is he trying to impress you and win you over with his money?

Well, you don’t deserve to be treated like that. You’re not an object that can be bought, but a human being.

11. Brags About Himself

It’s good to share details about himself, but constantly boosting is a sign of poor self-confidence. Makes you wonder what’s he overcompensating for…

12. Nothing or Too Many Things in Common

Having nothing in common with you does not make him a bad person, but it most probably means that you’re not going to have much fun in the relationship. If dying of boredom doesn’t seem appealing to you, let him go.

If, however, it seems like you have too many things in common, that’s a red flag. The person might be pretending in order to appear more likeable to you. It’s a technique that narcissists use to get you to trust and like them.

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