5 Tips for Getting a Job that you Love

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Everyone wants to do something they love in life, and that brings them a sense of happiness and fulfilment. Unfortunately, the reality is far different, and most of us have settled for jobs that are just enough to pay our rent and bills, but do not give us a sense of purpose.

Should you stay in this forever, or is there a way to actually finally manage to get a job that you will love and feel good in it?

How to Actually Land a Job that Makes you Happy

Everyone has felt stuck at one point or another in our lives. If you want to excel and land your dream job, but feel that there are too many obstacles in front of you, you need to have more faith in yourself.

It is truly possible to get precisely the job you want. You only need to know what is necessary to do, in order to achieve that.

Here are five priceless tips that could help you finally find yourself working something that makes you happy.

1. Dream Bigger

Never settle for anything only because it is the only option that you can see in front of yourself in the current moment. Finding work that you actually love is an achievement, and as such, you should put some effort in it.

Change your mindset and try to realize that actually high-paying and high-qualified positions are not out of your scope. You could actually achieve it by giving your best and nothing less.

Try to build and boost your confidence, because where you are now has probably taken a lot of effort, so you have what it takes to be successful. Radiating confidence in your abilities is actually a crucial factor that could land you the job that you want and that would make you fulfilled and happy.

2. Analyze the Problem

Quitting old jobA lot of factors are working together, resulting in you feeling unhappy at your job. It could be the company’s work ethic, or simply the environment, or it could be precisely the work that you are doing.

Before quitting your current workplace, think carefully whether the problem is not the place, but the work. In case there are opportunities for different types of work in the same workplace, you could go for that.

If you are sure that you need to change the environment, go on and be brave!

If it’s a new type of work that you need in order to feel happy, then try to pinpoint more specifically what type exactly would be the best match for you. Now that you know what you don’t want to do, it becomes easier to understand what you would like to do and what would make you feel more satisfied.

3. Be Out There

Looking for a job that’s worth it is not only a matter of looking for offers. It is also a matter of building connections. Nowadays you can use social media to easily make connections and have a much larger circle than what was possible in the past.

Use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to discover other people that could help you either find work, or understand more about a certain company before an incoming interview for example. You never know if you won’t find someone who would even refer you for a position that you want and that you would be a good candidate for.

Referrals are advantageous for both sides. On one hand they provide an opportunity for you to get a desired job, and on the other hand they make it easier for the company to find and hire a suitable candidate.

Another great tip that you should never underestimate is that waiting for a position to open is not the only option that you have. You could be proactive and take the initiative by reaching out to companies and letting them know that you are interested in working at a certain position there.

4. Prepare to Kill that Interview

Interview dream jobYou’ve finally got offered an interview…now what? Something that doesn’t even need mentioning is that it’s necessary to research the company and the position if you really want to make a good impression.

Something that less people think about, however, is that it’s good to prepare questions to ask the interviewer. That shows that you are truly interested in the work and shows a greater level of professionalism.

5. Reach out to a Career Counselor

Career mentors usually have years of professional experience in helping people find out what work would suit them, and also help these people find specific companies that would be happy to hire them.

Such a mentor could help you in all steps in the process of looking for a dream job, including making you stand out amongst the many other candidates.


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