Easy DIY Painting Ideas for Beginners

DIY painting ideas

Painting doesn’t have to be hard – it could actually be quite a relaxing hobby. Art is a great way to spend your free time with a result that you could use to decorate your room and show your friends what a creative person you are.

There are some techniques that are effortless even for beginners and they work in such a way that there is very little chance of mistakes. Read along to learn them and start creating masterpieces.

How to Prepare to Start Painting

This article will give you some easy painting ideas for watercolor and acrylic paint. You can either choose one of the two options or prepare to use both types of paints.

Here is all the supplies you will need:

  • Acrylic and/or watercolor paint;
  • Brushes: Flat and round;
  • Canvases;
  • Watercolor paper;
  • A palette.

With all these materials at hand, now you are ready to start.

Galaxy Watercolor Magic

Galaxy watercolor painting

The great thing about watercolor is that it could take almost no effort, and the result will look gorgeous. The only trick is to pick the right combination of colors.

To create a marvelous galaxy painting with watercolor, start by wetting the paper with a clean wet brush. Mix blue, purple, and a bit of black, and fill the paper with that base color.

Now get some purple with the brush and paint some blotches near the edges, slightly blending into the base color. After the purple dries, add some blotches of saturated blue.

When it’s dry, make some spots darker to create a sense of spaciousness. Leave the painting to dry completely, and then dip a flat brush in white acrylic paint. Use your fingers to sprinkle some white over the painting and now it’s complete with starts.

Mesmerizing Acrylic Pour Painting

Acrylic pour painting

Acrylic pouring became a big thing over the internet, as it is extremely satisfying while very easy too, and the result looks hypnotizing.

You will need a canvas for that, as well as fluid acrylic. Think of some color combinations you like and get a few different nuances you will enjoy mixing. Prepare cups with some quantity of all the colors you’re going to use for the painting.

For a base, start by pouring a cup of white acrylic fluid paint at the center of the canvas and spreading it around by tilting it around in different directions. Make sure you spread the white through the whole canvass.

Before it’s dried, start pouring the first color in the middle. Don’t spread it around but start pouring the next color on top of it.

Stack all colors on top of one another by pouring them into the center of the canvas. After you’re done with all the colors, it’s time to start tilting the canvas.

The colors will start dancing around and you can navigate the direction you want them to go in to have a marvelous masterpiece of modern art.

Easy Acrylic Landscape

Acrylic landscape

Acrylic landscapes are something not that hard to paint. Find a reference photo of a landscape with a beautiful sky, some mountains, and some flowers in close distance.

Start by painting the background colors of the sky with a flat brush over the whole canvas. Leave the paint to dry and move to the mountains.

Use a more muted nuance to create an illusion of distance and depth and use the straight end of the flat brush to shape the hills.

For the foreground, use whatever colors there are in the reference photo to paint the surface. After it’s dry, now it’s time for the small details like flowers and bushes.

Use a thin brush for smaller details and enjoy your masterpiece.

Tiny Flower Painting with Acrylics

Tiny flower painting with acrylics

There is something adorable about a tiny painting, especially when there are flowers on it. Purchase a small square canvas and get your acrylics.

Choose a reference photo with a type of flower that you like, or it could be a combination of different flowers. Good options for beginners include daisies, sunflowers, poppies, lavender, and even roses.

Again, start by painting the background – this is a rule when you’re using paint. Let the background layer dry and start painting the leaves of the flowers. After they dry too, you can move to the best part: painting the petals.

In the end, use the small brush for adding some sharp detail, and you’re good to go.

Watercolor Dress: The Basis of Fashion Design

Watercolor dress painting

This is another type of painting that won’t take any effort and it will look amazing. Start by sketching the upper body of a woman, and look at a reference photo or picture if you’re not that experienced.

It doesn’t really have to be that detailed – it could be just a silhouette. After you’re done, choose the color or colors you’re going to use. Now get the round brush and free your hand to paint a lavish dress with lots of flowing movement.

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