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Adorable DIY Projects to Glow up Your Place

DIY projects for home

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the most appreciable difference. Adding small touches of creativity to your home could make it look astonishing and feel so cozy you wouldn’t want to leave it.

DIY projects are also a terrific way to spend your free time, since they make you feel good about having created something. They allow you to give new life to old materials and furniture and could feel very therapeutic, especially if you play your favorite songs while you are crafting some DIY home décor.

Sometimes you feel inspired to craft and create, but simply can’t find ideas what to create. In these moments you can check this article and you will soon find yourself making new décor out of things you find in your home.

What Simple DIY Makeovers will Make Your Home Outstanding

You don’t need to be a professional artist or an interior designer to give your home a stylish new outlook. All you need is a bit of inspiration, some materials and the best ideas how to use them.

Here are 10 simple DIY ideas that anyone could do, and they will sure be a fun and rewarding way to spend your free time.

1. Color the Alcoves Inside Shelving in a Stylish Palette

Bookcases could have a very modern and stylish look and are quite functional, but sometimes when there is a lot of shelving, the nooks could give it a bit of a monotonous look.

There is an easy way to fix it, which will actually give your home a stunning look. Find two colors that fit the palette of your interior and use them to paint the alcoves of the bookcase. You could do that with pieces of leftover wallpaper too.

2. Make Use of Textured Wallpaper to Customize Furniture

Furniture wallpaper DIYSimple and minimalist looking furniture could be very stylish, but your interior would look a bit more unique if you added a touch of creativity to them.

Find some wallpaper textured in a pretty pattern, like a geometrical one for example and apply pieces of it to cabinets and drawers to make them stand out.

After adding texture to dull furniture, you could go further by painting them all in one color of your choosing.

3. Make it Pop Out

A palette with mostly neutral colors is a great thing, because you can instantly make the place look like it has been copied from a magazine, by adding a pop of bright color. It really works magic.

Choose a piece of furniture or two to paint in a vibrant color, or pick some interior elements such as cushions or curtains in that color. Just be careful about overdoing it.

4. Give Plant Pots a Special Look

Planters could have many other functions besides being a home for your pretty houseplants. For example, they could easily make for a unique DIY home décor.

They allow for a vast variety in terms of makeover. You could paint them any way you prefer, pick any color, give them any texture and make them look original, but still fit your home design.

Why not even give the pots a personality by painting them into cute little animals? This is something that your kids will also be enjoying in case you are a proud mom.

5. Décor One Wall with a Wallpaper

A way to instantly make your home stand out is to use a wallpaper with an engaging texture to add an accent on one of the walls. Here you could really go wild with the textures – it could be florals, bold geometric motives, even animals. Pick a statement motive and don’t be afraid to be bold and express yourself.

Just be careful that the colors of the wallpaper fit the general palette of your interior.

If you’ve chosen a pattern, a good advice is to also choose a wallpaper in the main color of the pattern’s palette, and use a strip or two to create layering of the texture.

6. Create Atmosphere with Lighting

Led lights DIYLight is something that could be used even as decoration, and not simply as a way to make things in your home visible when its dark outside.

There are plenty of ways to creatively use light in order to create a marvelous atmosphere.

Make sure the place is well lit with general lighting, and then start layering. Use some accent lighting to put the spotlight on pieces of art or decoration.

Task lighting could also make the place glow up, and it also adds functionality to your home. Use it in the places where additional light is needed, such as the place where you read, over cupboards and in the kitchen.

One of the best DIY tips is to use string lights or LED strips to form shapes or text on the walls.


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